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PostSubject: (WIP)   Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:38 pm

RP Name: Ashin Hinako

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Height: 3'10

Personality: Hinako is stubborn to say the least. She's much smarter than average and knows it. She always tries to think things through before she does anything, and her thought process is like a bullet: Once it starts it's going and going fast. She analyzes almost everything she looks at subconsiously... Hand signs, movements, speech patterns... She picks up on them quickly and if something about them changes she hightens her guard. Often times, this is also mistaken for her having enhanced empathy. Hinako is actually NOT an empathetic person, typicly ignoring how others react to her words or actions.

If she does befriend someone, she forms close bonds with them. Once she has formed a bond, Hinako won't simply abandon a friend. She will protect her friends with her life. She doesn't consider herself a leader, but she doesn't consider herself a follower either. She hates to see her friends walllowing in self pity and if she sees such a thing happening she will more than likely punch them in the ribs. Oddly enough, she only punches her friends in the ribs.


History/Bio: One paragraph (minimum 5 - 6 sentences)

Nindo: Blindly following orders was the biggest mistake I have ever made.

Village: (Konoha [Leaf], Kiri [Mist], Suna [Sand], Yuki [Snow], Oto [Sound], Kumo [Cloud], Kusa [Grass], Iwa [Stone], Villageless.)

Clan: (This is not guaranteed at the moment, while RP section is still under construction)

Rank: (given after a admin/mod looks over template)

Specialty: What your character specializes in. Look for the thread "Specialty" to determine yours.

Second Specialty: (Completely optional, but recommended.)

Inventory: (Here is where you picked all your Items and weapons from the list. Please label the name and the weapon cost. The maximum weapon points you have is 20.)

Strength: (Fill this out after receiving your rank)

Weakness: (Must be jutsu-based. Nothing too specific.

Clan Based Weakness: (This applies to those who are part of a clan only. This is a separate weakness from the main weakness in that they do stack. Do note that having this weakness the same as the main weakness renders your character pretty much deathly weak against that weakness.)

RP Sample: (Please write a minimum of 3 paragraphs of your character doing something, whether it be fighting, training, etc. This is to receive your rank, do it the level you would normally RP so no mistakes in ranks are made.)

Jutsu List: (To be filled after receiving your rank.)

History/Bio: 500 words (about one paragraph)

Introduction Song: Optional
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