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 Toshi Ninemkliel

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PostSubject: Toshi Ninemkliel   Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:55 pm

Name: Toshi
Age: 13
Clan: None, but is part of Hoshigakure

Backround story: Toshi grew up in Hoshigakure and completed his star training early, and he seemed to be more resistant to it's effects than anyone else. His parents are both dying of the effects, though they also lived longer than most of the Hoshigakure ninja. He has left Hoshigakure for the time being so that he can compete in Konohagakure's Chunin exams and become a Chunin.

Jutsu and Techniques:

Kujaku- 7 Purple peacock-like chakra feathers appear behind the user and can be used in several different ways.

Kujaku: Beast- The chakra feathers transform into a dragon-like chakra beast that can be used to attack.

Kujaku: Wings- The user's chakra feathers combine and form 2 separate chakra wings and the user can then take flight. Note: Can't use any other Kujaku attackes while in flight.

Kujaku: Destroy- The chakra feathers quickly race towards the user's opponent to strike them. Best used against multiple targets or shadow clones.

Kujaku: Join- The user and another Kujaku user can combine their chakra beasts into one larger beast. One user cannot make two beasts at the same time to combine.

Chakra ropes: The user sends rope-like chakra strings towards his/her opponent and holds them there.
Note:Attacks cannot be done in this state unless they release the chakra ropes.

Strengths: Long range combat, open area's.

Weaknesses: Closed in area's, close range combat (though capable at it).

Pic of Kujaku stance:

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PostSubject: Re: Toshi Ninemkliel   Sat May 02, 2009 8:56 pm

niice!! hopefully we'll meet!
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Toshi Ninemkliel
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