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PostSubject: Poetry!!   Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:06 pm

According to Chinese and Japanese culture, poem's played an important part of history. It became influential and taught many things. I'm here to post one I like. Enjoy.

Listen not to ones who preach

Those who feel you're a freak

Everything about you is wrong

You must be sick, you don't belong

Father said, worry not what they say

Use your mind, your own free will

In a time when everyone follows

Ignorance can kill

They only say what they want you to hear

Half-truths have been twisted to conceal your fate

In a world of spoon fed emotion

Intelligence can save

Stand Alone

Hear what I say

You will seize the day

Say what you mean, don't be afraid

Tell them how you feel, hear what I say

Be true to yourself and true to your own

Your spirit will crush the hearts of stone

Post some too if you don't mind Razz


^ I made this ^
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