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 hidden mist jutsus (my character)

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PostSubject: hidden mist jutsus (my character)   Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:44 am

hey all! these are my custom made jutsus used by my future made character. ^^

Style Name: Acid Rain
Style Description:
Water falls at a rapid pace thats also filled with an acid like substance,burning the opponent.(can be used as weapon such as shurikens
Style Type: ninjutsu

Style Name: Drown
Style Description:
The title says it all, the ground turns to water which makes the opponent fall in. It also gives the user a chance to recover.
Style Type: Ninjutsu

Style Name:Shuricane
Style Description: A mist falls over the battle grounds and a huricane sweeps the opponent into the air while the user throws shurikens at the him.
Style Type:Ninjutsu

Style Name: Hiddin strike
Style Description: The user disappears into a fog while the opponent can't see, then suddenly comes out of nowhere and gets the opponent with a blow to the head.
Style Type: ninjutsu

Atsubottai Mizu no Jutsu (Heavy Water Technique)
A jutsu that is only really effective when the opponent is underwater, Atsubottai Mizu causes the opponent to feel as if his body weight suddenly increases dramatically as water pressure above him begins to press down. This then creates the sudden impression of sinking dramatically in the water, even if the victim really isn’t.
Trigger: See the handseals of the technique

Name: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique)
Description: Creates one or multiple identical copies of the original out of water. More similar to Kage Bunshin then a regular Bunshin, water clones are capable of attacking.. The water clone can perform one jutsu that the user also knows once a thread. It must have the required stats to use the jutsu, and the jutsu must be a water elemental jutsu. One solid hit will destroy the clone.
Stage One: 1 clone
Stage Two: 2 clones
Stage Three: 3 clones
Stage Four: 4 clones

Style Name: Lightning Palm

Style Description: it focuses chakra into the palm of the users hands and shoots it towards the opponent whne fighting. When the fist hits the opponent, it sends a shock wave through the body.

Style History: this style originated from gentle fist, the hyuuga style taijutsu

Style Basis: Taijutsu uses the base of the hand

Training Methods: the user could fight against a tree (lol) because the tree is sturdy (sp?) enough to handle the punches until the tree weakens
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hidden mist jutsus (my character)
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