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 Saito clan

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PostSubject: Saito clan   Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:53 pm

Clan Name: Saito
Clan History: (Describe how the clan was formed and the current state of the clan) The clan is said to be born in the beginning of the ninja wars. Not expected to make it through the wars the clan had been abandoned, kicked from the village hidden in the snow they traveled through the unforgiving tundra. The clan settled in a cave made of ice, although it was by no means a good condition for a clan to grow the Saito clan persevered.
During the years spent in the ice cave, they hunted food like savages. No remorse for for the food that gave them survival but among all animals only one could they never catch. The foxes of the region were elusive and after many tries they had given up on that hunt. Years later a member of the clan was hunting and came across a young snow fox. On the arrival back to the cave he was stopped by a group of bigger foxes, when the fox spoke to the man with a deep toned voice “Give the young one to us and your clan may strive in coming times” the man shocked at first only responded with a protective posture but began to say “How could you know we will strive?”
The man later awoke within the cave, everyone around him was also sleeping. As the others arose from slumber he could only stare into there eyes, each members eyes turned silver. None knew what had happened until the man told the story of his meeting with the fox group. The foxes had given his clan a great gift, this gift was to be able to let the clan become stronger and defend itself.
After the great ninja wars and the gift from the foxes they now consider brother and sister the clan went back to the village that rejected them. Time had past and no one in the village remembered who they were. The clan proved there existence and the rash actions of the past but all was forgiven and the Saito had a new home hidden in the snow.

Each member of the clan carries a small crystal orb with them, this resembles the connection the clan shares with the Kitsune.

Clan Village: (Indicate what village this clan resides in) Village hidden in the snow
Clan Abilities: (Describe the abilities that make this clan special, particularly in the case of bloodline clans. Also put up a link to the clan jutsu)

Kitsune Boushi [Fox Eye]
This special eye technique is in progress of being made, doing research to keep to my kitsune (fox) basis and this that go with the legend.

[Abilities Unique to the Saito]

The Kenashi clan is specialized in crystal (Shōton) element jutsu.
Crystal can be carried by the members for basic jutsu but the quantity of there arsenal comes directly from the ground. The user begins by sending a wave of chakra from there body to analize the minerals they can use in the environment.
Anything that can form crystal or is a type of crystal can be used in the ninjas jutsu but dependent on the type of mineral used, the properties of the jutsu change, this causes the crystal techniques of the Saito clan to be very adaptable and formidable.
The crystal can be formed into many shapes and forms.

[Saito Senjutsu]

With the bond formed with the foxes in the snow country Saito clan members of a superior skill and high levels of chakra have been taught Senjutsu (Sage Techniques) by the foxes that brought there clan so far.
When switching in to the sage mode like other Senjutsu the body may take on forms of those who had taught the user. The most common form when taking on the sage modes of a fox are as listed:

Low level users mouth and nose region extend out like a fox, ears are grown, hair becomes white and other white hair begins to form on body. 1-2 tails are formed.
Mid range users have the ears and tail numbers ranging from 3-7.
Extremely high level users have fox ears and 8-9 tails. The nine tails power is currently unavailable to the Saito clan because of his situation.....

Each tail signifies a greater control and power in the fox sage mode.
This also means each tail is a level, 1-9. Depending on how many tails you have is what fox you are drawing energy from. This is why The Kyuubi is inaccessible thus no current 9 tailed user exists.
Rumors say that the user who unlocks the power of the ninth tail will be granted a vast amount of chakra and unlock the elements themselves. Much like the Sage of six paths created the ninja world, the user can change it.


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Saito clan
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