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 Crystal Release [Shoton]

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PostSubject: Crystal Release [Shoton]   Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:51 pm

Ok here is most of the Crystal Release Jutsu list of my clan....

Crystal Release Jutsu List of the Saito Clan

These jutsu will adjust depending on the minerals available to the Saito user.
Each Saito member would carry a in there equipment mandatory crystals that are used to make sure the have the basic crystal for these jutsu. This crystal they carry is usually diamonds for its extremely durable nature and ability to resit heat completely.
Any crystals the user comes across may be used, Ice and other users of basic crystal should not be happy to fight a full crystal user.
The crystal jutsu work like Guren's from the anime, anything can form crystal.

Name: Crystal control
Description: This technique is basic and lets the user control and shape crystal to there will.

Name: Spirit Fox
Description: The user gains a space/time jutsu which affects there body. This allows the user to phase the areas of his/her body in and out of existence.

Name: Crystal Body
Description: The user solidifies the chosen part of there bodies to defend against physical attacks.

Name: Crystal Clone
Description: The user creates clones made of crystal, these clones can vary dependent on crystal type used. These clones match the user until the time they start attacking the enemy. There arms or legs form into crystal weapons such as a blade for there arm or spikes around the leg.

Name: Crystal Barrier
Description: The user creates a wall of crystal. The wall is thick and can become an offensive tool if used by an experienced user.

Name: Humming Crystal Storm
Description: Many humming birds are formed from crystal, the birds then home on the target dodging simple jutsu that attempt to stop them. The birds upon reaching there target begin to violently attack with there beaks like small blades. When witnessing this technique the target is barely visible amongst the swarm.

Name: Crystal Release: Crystal Pentagonal Prison
Description: This jutsu will summon large crystals to imprison targets.

Name: Crystal Fox Beast / Circle
Description: Using a moderate amount of chakra and crystal, a large fox with 8 tails is created. Each tail can be split off to form another fox. This jutsu in turn create one mass beast or 8 smaller foxes at the beckon of the user. He/she will appear on top of the massive fox beat when jutsu is preformed or the 8 foxes shall surround the user facing each direction away from the user.

Name: Crystal Chakra Seal
Description: the user thrusts his/her hand at an incoming attack or touches a opponent with it. As his/her arm reaches full extension the hand that is extended will turn into crystal. The user then reverses their chakra flow to absorb the chakra of the incoming attack that hits there hand thus nullifying it or draining the chakra of the opponent this ability touches.
This ability restores the chakra of the user by an amount equal to the chakra used in the jutsu it had taken in.

Name: Crystal Outburst
Description: Saito clan members of high skill can create crystal in there body and have it burst out into the environment. Another effect if the large amounts of crystal are unneeded, the user can have the crystal lash out at opponents who come into there range.

Name: Crystal Release: Crystal Purity
Description: A large amount of chakra is used to entirely remake the battlefield
into a giant crystal formation. This jutsu will encompass 200 feet around the user. With the large amount of chakra used this ability is not without benefits. After the area has reached its crystal state the user then can draw energy from it. Opponents will find it very difficult to get around because of the users chakra repelling there chakra from letting them climb. In deep caverns or gorges that are formed are the most unwanted place for enemy shinobi, because of the repelling feature on non-Saito clan members the area would tamper the jutsu abilities of the enemy or worse backfire on themselves.

Still More to be added, so don't start making full assumptions of it.


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Crystal Release [Shoton]
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