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 Role playing tutorial.

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PostSubject: Role playing tutorial.   Sun Jan 18, 2009 4:16 pm

Hello, my name is Jped and the creator of the whole role playing section. No one knows this better than I, but I will show you here on how to get started on your role playing career. Role playing is basically writing a story. But these stories unfold in the way where everyone's views of you fun creations, be sure to read the rules before submitting anything.

The few rules you need to know are the general role playing rules. which can be found here. This contains all of the basic rules and regulations when it comes to role playing. Study and know these, as your expected to follow these. We do allow occasional mishandles, meaning you may forget a couple of rules and we understand.


Now that you've studied the information given above (hopefully), your now ready to begin the setup of your character. Your character is like a gateway to access the rest of the role playing world. Without a character, you can't participate. Now, if you want to create your character, please go here. This is the template you must use. Those who don't follow this template will be told to read the rules and redo your sheet.


Hopefully you created a decent character. I'm sure you did. Now let's move on to Jutsu's. Jutsu's are basically ninja magic. Now, this tutorial is not going to explain what jutsu's are, but if you need more information on it, you can find it here. Okay, now we will go to Jutsu creation. Creating Jutsu's is quite easy and the ones you create can be very unique, whether it's a custom element or it improves another technique. Although it's not necessarily required, but it's nice to be unique. If your having brain farts on creating jutsu's, feel free to use the presets we have implemented. These Jutsu's however correspond to your village. Just simply click here and find your element. For those who want to go onto creating their Jutsu's, please go here and read it. All of it.


Now for those who want their unique abilities available to themselves and those in their Clans/Organizations, here is the part to read. Clans are basically family related groups of individuals who usually possess a Kekkai Genkai, or Bloodline. These Bloodlines are genetic inheritance's passed only on those who are blood related. However, there are ways to overcome this, such as implants, but we'll cover this later. Now Organizations are a bit different. They possess a smaller number of members who work together to achieve a common goal. They also have special Jutsu's dedicated to their Organization but are learned instead of inheriting. Now for those who want a list of clans, you can find them here. If you don't want the presets, feel free to make your own here. Be sure to read all of the rules and understand them as well. For Organizations, please go here.

Weapons and Items

Shinobi often rely on their equipment to get through an epic battle. Now, some don't use any at all, but many do and they can often make a individual unique. Weapons are, well, weapons that inflict damage, while Items are to enhance the Shinobi who possesses it or others in which he can use it on. Before diving head first, please read the rules here. This also has the template in which you do have to use. It's the same as well for Items.


Seals are basically things that are used to summon other things like weapons, people, animals, and many other uses. Take Jiraiya. He uses seals to summon Gumanbata, the giant Toad. Sasuke has the cursed seal mark from Orochimaru. These are good examples of seals. Seals can easily change the fate of a battle in an instant. For rules and creation of your custom seals, please refer to here.


Specialties are basic descriptions of your character. An example would be a Ninjutsu Specialist. His specialty is in Ninjutsu. Specialties give your character a brief definition of him/her. When one is about to battle he can tell by looking at your character sheet and say "This guy is good at Ninjutsu, so I should get up close and beat the crap out of him with my Taijutsu." This encourages strategies and tactics. For a more brief description and the list, please refer to here.

Implants, Prosthetics, and Transplants

Basically, plastic surgery. This enables users to alter their character to a whole new dimension. A character can have a metal arm, or a tail, or can obtain a Sharingan. An good example would be Kakashi. His Sharingan was obtained via implant. Not much can be explained, but here it can be found.

Gaining Jutsu's

Not going to explain much here, but the whole thing can be found here.

NOTE: This guide is not yet complete due to the fact the role play system is not yet complete. New sections will be added.


^ I made this ^
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Role playing tutorial.
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