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 Rp Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rp Rules and Regulations   Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:21 pm

Basic Rules and Regulations

There are some very simple rules you should know when you start role playing. These are the rules that make and break a game.

1. No double-posts. Do not reply to yourself. Give people the opportunity to react.

2. No multiple actions. Follow the Basic Combat Rules below.

3. When you go Out Of Character, note that. Use an OOC notice before the out of character post you want to make. You can also use BIC (Back In Character) or just IC (In Character) to signal that you continue as your character again.

4. Use clean and correct writing. Meaning that you look after your grammar, build-up, and all that. No Internet-slang.

5.Make your post a worthy one. Don't go making posts of one or two rules. It's not so that every post you make should be two paragraphs long, but try to go for at least a bit of a decent effort when writing.

6. No God-moding. Your character is not invincible, and his chakra is not endless. Play out both the strength and weakness of your character, and don't go on a power trip. This also includes controlling another character.

7. No sudden character killing. You can't just go and kill another person's character. If you want to, or think the story might require this, talk to the owner of that character in private or through PM to discuss what's going to happen.

8. The Role play Moderator's word is final. If a RPM does not agree with your actions, he's got a reason for that. Don't get angry and start flaming the RPM if you think he undermines your character or whatever, but try to learn from it and make the best of it. If you really do disagree, discuss it in private.

9. The limitations of a Role play Moderators's powers. A RPM can make a character and play it just like anybody else can. In a story of his own, a GM does not have the right to close or edit posts, and should consult another RPM or Admin or whatever. If the RPM leads the story, like when he's the Jounin that creates the mission, he might state what he can and cannot do. This will be looked after by other people in power and should not be cared for by other users.

10. A maximum of six characters. You are currently allowed up to six characters, which can be either shinobi or non-shinobi.

11. Character types. Players are allowed one bloodline character within their six characters. They are also allowed one clan character as well.

12. Characters in multiple threads. A character is allowed to be in two or three threads at once as long as no training or attempt to learn techniques are made in more than one thread. And also, if a technique is learned, they must wait for all threads they participate in to finish to be able to use it. This also pertains to characters that leave threads as well, in that instance it may count as the "end" of a thread as well. Also, and this should be a given, all things should remain logical in terms of the issue of time. Hopping between threads will be monitored.

13. Canon Characters. Canon characters such as Naruto, Orochimaru, or even small insignificant characters may not be registered. This disregards any means you may have for them to be brought into the RP. No matter what method you may have of making it possible for characters to be alive 100 years from the manga, they are forbidden from being registered as both RPC's and NPC's.

Characters related to canon characters are also prohibited and may not be registered as both NPC's or RPC's, the only exception being clans such as Uchiha with whom this is unavoidable. The main reason is to ensure continuity between the manga and the role-play, as well as encouraging people to role-play more original characters.
**Let it be known, though, that there are very RARE cases when a canon-relation can be made. They must be menial and not alter the RP in anyway/shape/form. That is all, and canon relations will be supervised by your friendly admins and mods.

14.Explicit content. Since there are many minors on, whenever you are in a thread that has something that can be considered to be explicit or exceedingly mature, be sure to have the thread labeled with a warning of such content. This is basically any crude or vile act, such as intense violence in detail, rape, cruelty that many would find offending, and vulgar language. Basically, anything you wouldn't see on regular television, don't post here without a warning or disclaimer. Some children could run across something they have seen and be very unattracted to it by some offence that they may take to it, so a warning would be needed.

Please don't use any strong language while posting that can really go beyond the regular limits
**If the thread contains explicit content, a Mature Content warning must be placed on the thread title and as an OOC note before the actual role-play text.

15. Registry Spam In the registry, it's considered spam to reply to an approval post with only a sole thank you or to merely count up the amount of approvals you have left to go or anything along those lines. It's fine to do it if the post as something to add to the topic- a new addition to the original post, a major change in the character's biography..but it's not okay to do the first or second solely for that purpose or to do both in one post. It's a bannable offence.

16. Staff Disapproval The staff reserves the right to disapprove your registry thread if they feel there are any discrepancies in the unity of the information sheet.

General Regulations

The following are some simple rules regarding that you should follow, or suffer the staff's wrath Razz

Jutsu Tree Regulations

There are a few simple rules regarding how trees must be set up.

Each consists of a series of stages, of which there are at most 8. Please note that the eighth stage is only accessible to Sennin ranked characters so it is generally only necessary to include stages one - seven.

Each stage must have a certain number of techniques, a minimum of three and a maximum of six.

When registering a list of techniques, do not include more than one elemental type in the list. While it is perfectly fine to learn several different elemental types (assuming you can justify it and get permission,) do not attempt to register "Soandso's Fire & Ice Ninjutsu List," for example.

Also, for new village and clan jutsu trees, the usual three approvals are not enough. Each must have at least one Admin approval before they can be moved.

Characters with Multiple Village Lists

For certain characters, the character may possess village lists from different villages. These characters may only be approved with the following requirements.

1. Admin Approval.
2. Original village RPM approval.
3. New village RPM approval.
4. An amazing biography and profile.

Character Regulations

You are currently allowed up to six characters, which can be either shinobi or non-shinobi. Two of these characters may be from a clan. One of these two clan characters may possess a bloodline.


Any thread in the Registry forums requires three full approvals before it can be moved to Information, and all threads must have at least one mod approval to qualify for moving.

Basic Combat Rules

This little list of guidelines is designed to let you know if you are being fought fairly, and if you yourself are abusive in combat.

Note: Most of this applies to one on one combat. The guidelines that apply to massive battles will be marked as such.

The number one, most important rule: Do not call your hits. It is essentially a form of playing your opponent's character when you say that your Katon Ryuuka smashes into their character. Describe the attempt, even write up the factors going against the opponent being able to dodge, but in the end, the choice of getting hit or not lays with the opponent.

One attack. That is what a fighting post should consist of. Combat is a chess match, you do not take multiple turns in chess. Feel free to add dialogue, thoughts, feelings, descriptions, and such to your combat post. But do not exceed one attack per post unless your opponent has given you permission perform a combo. When you state that your character performs this, and then that, and finishes with a last technique, you are also saying that your opponent stood there and did nothing while you were being flashy with your techniques. That is a definite abuse.

[b]Rule Four:
Group Combat. Clones, summons, these things are bound by one attack rule as well. Now, here is the deal with many vs. one combat. If everything you control is attacking, you need to specific either an order ("the kage bunshin attacked with X, then the summon did Y, finally the character finished with Z") or state that they are all attacking at the same time ("kage bunshin did X, summon did Y, and character did Z, all converging on the opponent".) Note: keep in mind that if you are attacking the same person at the same time, one good dodge will evade the attacks. I've seen a whole lot of "there was no way he could dodge all of these" when the truth of the matter is that if everyone is headed for one specific point, all a character has to do is not be at that point to avoid being hit.

Rule Four, sub1: Dodging a Group When attacked by a group, try to account for the fact that it is significantly harder to dodge a succession of attacks. Unless there is a decent rank difference, many on one is almost always disadvantageous for the one. Play accordingly.

Rule Five: Certain jutsus are meant to end combat (or keep it from ever starting.) Kanashibari, for example, paralyses the opponent, effectively ending the combat. A jutsu that is unavoidable and effectively ends combat should not be used in a thread where death is enabled. This isn't prohibited, per say, but if you use Kanashibari and then slay your helpless opponent, expect a less than pleasant note in your inbox. Note: feel free to use such techniques against clones, summons, etc, regardless of a thread being enabled for death or not.

There will be more to come when I see things that need commenting on. For now, please try to adhere to these guidelines.


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Rp Rules and Regulations
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