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 Sound Taijutsu

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PostSubject: Sound Taijutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:31 pm

Style Description:
This fairly young style is based on observing the behaviour of nocturnal creatures. Bats, owls and even insects were studied intently by prominent minds. The resulting style uses knowledge of one's surroundings, clever counter-attacks and cheap tricks as effective weapons against one's enemy. It aims to incapacitate the opponent in order to deliver more powerful, sometimes fatal, blows.

Echoes masters demand utmost devotion and loyalty from their students.
The ultimate proof of this is that, in order to actually be taught more than the very basics of the style, its students must sacrifice something precious - their eyesight. The obvious disadvantage this gives to them is compensated through a technique invented specifically for this purpose, known as the Midnight Hymn. This technique allows the style's students to perceive their surroundings in new ways, even if it takes extensive training to take this ability beyond noticing basic shapes and movement.

The actual fighting taught by Echoes of Silence is only useful at an arm's reach, even though other aspects of the style are more profitable at ranges. This means that not only do Echoes users employ long-range fighting devices, but are also susceptible to long-range fighters themselves. Also, because one may not get many chances to inflict proper damage to the enemy, many users like to use weapons to add extra force to their attacks that they believe is (and often rightfully so) needed to bring an opponent down. Because of the way they fight, they tend to favour short-range hand weapons, such as concealed weapons and daggers, over middle-to-long-range weapons like swords and spears.

The trainees learn to wait for the opponent to come to them, rather than them chasing the opponent. The user will draw his opponent to him, then make him take the first swing. The user then dodges that first swing, and delivers a blow in the window of opportunity. In theory, this seems easy enough. In practice, it's very difficult.

Grappling is taught and relied upon by many practitioners of the Echoes in varying degrees. From simply grabbing hold of your enemy’s arm of sleeve, to trying to toss them to the ground and pinning them to the floor. The reason for this is simple – if you’re holding onto your opponent, then you know where he is. Again, this is another reason why many students favour knives as they’re much easier to use in a grapple than a larger weapon.

Because one may only get a few good strikes, the style teaches how to place them well. At lower stages, "placement of strikes" is usually synonymous with "cheap shots," meaning that rookie users will most often go for kidneys, throats, eyes, crotches and other basic pain-causing areas. More highly trained users have knowledge of certain pressure points, which they use with deadly precision.

This stage in training is all about preparation, and learning and understanding the basics. Training the use of the Midnight Hymn has great importance at this stage, as do speed and stamina control exercises.

Senses: While none of the user’s senses are noticeably beyond the human norm, the information received are interpreted at a higher degree than normally.

Directed Strikes: "Striking your opponent's vulnerable points" is little more than a sentence to users at this stage. While they might be able to conceive of kicking their opponent in the shin, they are not likely to do much more than that.

Regular Techniques:

Special Techniques:
Midnight Hymn I
The Midnight Hymn is quite limited at this stage, and is more a supplement to the user’s other senses rather than a direct replacement. Its range is only 50ft in a very narrow 90 degree field of vision and the user has a bit of trouble tracking moving objects, or anything smaller than a beach ball.


~Stage 2~

At this stage, the user begins the real training. They are taught how to accurately counter-attack an incoming enemy, and how to deal with the blow should they fail. Because the Midnight Hymn is still developing, grappling takes precedence here as the preferred form of combat. This keeps the enemy close and allows the user to know his location at all times. A small number of grasping techniques or simple trips are taught to facilitate this.

Senses: While the user has gotten over the basic stage of adjustment, their senses still are not much sharper than those of a normal person. However, the user becomes proficient in Human Echolocation as a way of getting by in everyday life without their vision or the chakra draining Midnight Hymn.

Directed Strikes: While still very basic, the directed strikes are improving. In combat, the user will go for kidneys, throats, stomachs and other areas where being struck is painful.

Regular Techniques:

Special Techniques:
Midnight Hymn II
The user has progressed a bit further and he is able to make out slightly more detail, and does not have much trouble noticing moving objects. The smallest noticeable item is about the size of a kunai, and the range of the “vision” has increased to 75ft. For the first time, the user’s Field of Vision (FOV) has increased ever so slightly to a 100 degree FOV.


~Stage 3~

The differences between this and previous stage are minor. The user is taking the basics he learned and has begun applying them into a refined fighting style. Grappling manoeuvres are more efficient and the user is slowly learning effective ways to keep his opponent pinned or at the very least unable to move for a vital spot. Dodging is becoming more intuitive, thanks in part to the quickly improving Midnight Hymn and the sharpening of other senses.

Senses: Thanks to training, the user's senses are becoming more refined. Simultaneously, their reaction speed to attacks that they can hear or feel has improved. Taste also gets a slight boost, and it is not uncommon for Echoes students to become notoriously picky eaters.

Directed Strikes: The idea is still the same; go for obvious weak points. The technique is more refined, however, and the student learns exactly where to strike in order to cause more pain. Many users favour striking the throat or solar plexus, as this will often stun the opponent long enough to land another strike.

Regular Techniques:

Special Techniques:
Midnight Hymn III
The user can clearly make out the differences between different materials at this point, such as wood and metal, by the slightly different echoes they give off. Texture is still impossible to detect however, but the user can now detect small objects like shuriken accurately and their range has increased to 150ft in a 140 degree FOV.


~Stage 4~

Counter-attacking is becoming much more instinctive now, and while the Hymn can compensate for sight, the user still prefers to “feel” where his enemy is in a good old fashioned wrestle to the death. However, finally the user feels comfortable fighting without the grapple element and thus has a much easier time of engaging multiple opponents.

Senses: The user's senses are notably better than his vision-sporting peers. He has gotten used to his lack of sight and his other senses are really starting to compensate for it. Because of the need to concentrate in order to even move around, he is usually more perceptive to traps and obstacles than other people.

Directed Strikes: A basic knowledge of pressure points is gained at this stage. If he is lucky, the user can strike points in the neck and chest to get much the same effect as a regular strike with minimal use of force. This is mostly effective when fighting opponents who take little damage from regular blows.

Regular Techniques:

Special Techniques:
Midnight Hymn IV
At this stage the Midnight Hymn has reached full potency and now it truly acts as a replacement for sight. The user can accurately perceive everything in a 180 degree FOV out to a combat range of 250ft. The smallest object he can detect is a pin and detail discrimination is very fine indeed – to the point of being able to read the ink on a page (though not as well as with eyes).


~Stage 5~

At this level, the counter-attacks delivered are quick and fairly dangerous, as the user learns where to strike in order to bring his opponent down. Grapples are used less, though the user recognizes the superiority of such a tactic if the enemy is alone or slightly faster than the user.

Senses: At this stage the Echoes disciples have faster reactions and greatly better hearing than any of their sighted equals. When it comes to noticing sounds, textures, tastes and smells, Echoes students are unmatched. Some are even able to properly execute ranged attacks based solely on listening to an opponent thanks to a much refined Human Echolocation skill.

Directed Strikes: A more advanced knowledge of pressure points is gained. The user is able to strike an opponent in the chest or neck to trouble their breathing for one post, or strike a limb to make it go numb for one post.

Regular Techniques:

Special Techniques:
Midnight Hymn V
Because the Hymn itself has finally compensated for sight, the user can turn his training to other endeavours. At this stage, the Midnight Hymn branches off into something called the “Midnight Concerto”. While only rudimentary at this stage, the Concerto allows the user to feel vibrations through his feet and – to a small degree – through the air thanks to his much heightened senses.

The range of the concerto is only around 5ft at this stage, but it offers the user a much improved ability to react to attacks because not only are the enemy’s movements telegraphed by the way they move their bodies, but also because the air pressure being forced upon the user’s skin from an attack at the precise location of impact allows them to brace or effect a last second dodge.


~Stage 6~

At this level, the user poses a considerable danger. Counter-attacks are carried out with frightening precision and speed – many times leading to death for an unwary opponent. In many ways, this skill becomes demoralizing to the enemy as the “blind man” counters their every move.

Senses: This level of sensing is indeed quite extraordinary. The user is able to handle fights without using the Hymn if the opponent is sufficiently inferior (Genin vs Jounin), and if there are no loud, distracting sounds near, such as explosions or a waterfall.

Because of their abilities, users at this stage are often used as spies, since their operative range in the field of listening is far greater than that of most other shinobi, and at this stage even smell has taken on a role of its own; some users gaining the ability to track individuals by scent. The user does not need to actively concentrate to move around unless the area is difficult to move around in (thick jungle, land filled with jagged rocks and so on).

Directed Strikes: The user is perfecting their knowledge of pressure points. They can strike an opponent's chest or throat to trouble their breathing for two posts, strike one of their limbs to paralyse it for one post, then have it go numb for an additional post, or strike the back of their neck to cause their opponent movement problems for one post. If the opponent’s stamina is two levels less than the user’s strength, they are paralysed for one post if they are struck in the neck.

Regular Techniques:

Special Techniques:
Midnight Concerto I
The Concerto improves in range and slightly improves in accuracy as well. It can be used out to a range of 10ft and gives the user a distinct advantage on the battlefield.


~Stage 7~

At this point, the student has achieved complete mastery of the style. His speed alone is dangerous, but his counter-attacks are downright deadly and more than capable of stringing less opponents around with one hand by using carefully constructed grapples that target the pressure points of the enemy.

Senses: The user's senses are so refined that the necessity of the Midnight Hymn is doubted by outsiders. The user is able to distinguish between different sounds with ease and a Jounin master has no trouble dueling a Genin even if there were explosions all around them.

He has easier time recognising a lie according to the pitch of the speaker's voice. He will notice and identify smells that he knows from distances of five to several hundred meters away, depending on the strength of the smell (subtle perfume or smoke from a fire.) If the user knows a small or medium sized area well (such as his own room), he will notice if someone enters it, even without sound. He reacts to poison in his food seemingly before he puts it in his mouth.

Their sensing abilities are so impressive that they are rumoured to be able to locate an opponent by their heartbeat alone. This is not quite true, but those who use the Echoes style like the psychological advantage it gives them, and will try to enforce it if possible.

Directed Strikes: The user is highly skilled in using pressure points to their advantage. They can strike an opponent's chest or throat to give them trouble breathing for three posts, strike one of their limbs to paralyse it for one post, then have it go numb for two additional posts, or strike their neck to cause them trouble moving for two posts. Opponents with less than 15 stamina are paralysed for one post if struck in the neck, then have trouble moving for one post.

Regular Techniques:

Special Techniques:
Midnight Concerto II
The Concerto reaches the peak of effectiveness at a range of 20ft, and the user’s skill with it allows him to perceive an attack a milliseconds before it would actually become visible to a sighted ninja. Such a microscopic advantage is put to great use, as the user’s superior speed allows him to strike quickly to potentially nullify a threat before it even occurs.


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Sound Taijutsu
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