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 Cloud Taijutsu- Magnetic Fist.

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PostSubject: Cloud Taijutsu- Magnetic Fist.   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:27 pm

The Magnetic Fist

As much as the Joukai no Raiu was respected in Cloud, they still lacked much of the offensive edge that powerful countries like Sound and Wind were capable of. The military leaders of the special forces of Cloud realized that the universal Cloud Taijutsu was not helping them much against those Bloodline with Doujutsu, and certain powerful Taijutsu Masters. Their reliance on raw speed was often used against them, and the lack of defensive capabilities, as well as full use of the body, made for a style that could be considered... subpar for a powerful military usage. To offset this, research began on a style that would take down their opponents using an element both invisible yet powerful, matching even Sound in the ranks. A style used to disorient and incapacitate was born: a style based upon one of the most successful taijutsu arts in existance. The sheer ability of this style was created only for the purpose of the use of the Joukai no Raiu, and the family of the one who created it in the first place... a member of the Kawari-Magen family.

With their abilities in magnetism, it seemed fitting that the creator of the style was from that family. Originally, the style was not intended to disorient, but rather was to steal chakra. This failed, however, and a new course designed to take advantage of the stunning and incapacitating abilities of electricity and magnetism was pursued. When the final style emerged and therefore opened up a world of possibilities for the Joukai no Raiu. Now as the world and Cloud moved on ahead the original style of the Jishaku Genkotsu has since been improved and modified into a style taught to the new Sabaki No Raiu division of Kumogakure. Regardless of new styles of training...The Magnetic Fist is still a powerful style to be feared by all.

Basis: Ninjutsu

Stage One

At this stage, the user is capable to perform the basic Jishaku Genkotsu stance, and attack with simple punches and kicks. Speed and agility are already seen as the major focus of this style, reaction times speeding accordingly so that the users of this style are more capable of reaction to attacks, and countering with their own. At the moment, precise strikes are not the heavy focus: hitting, even not where you initially intended, is still better than missing in the first place. Attacks of opportunity are things that the students of this style are taught to take. Physical power is not important at this stage, nor are showy athletics. At this level, knowledge of the situation is stressed, as well as making intelligent, well-planned strikes.

Special Techniques

Jijou Hakkaku I [Magnetic Field Detection]
The foundation on which the art of the Magnetic Fist is based upon, the user now learns to create a small field of magnetic energy; a weak field in which any and all objects with magnetic or electrical properties are sensed. However, at this point, the radius of the magnetic field is small (only 15 feet in diameter), and thus very limited as to its skill in detecting incoming threats. Furthermore, the information interpreted by the field is not exact enough to inform the user of the exact entrance of projectiles, but rather just that something has broken into the field. Regardless, any object that gives off a magnetic or electrical current that falls within the range of this field can be sensed precisely. The chakra drainage for this jutsu is also somewhat significant, and thus the field can only be maintained for a number of posts equal to the users reserves.

Stage Two

The user of the Jishaku Genkotsu shows a dramatic increase in speed at this level, as the user has trained sufficiently to interpret the magnetic field that envelops their body, and how to use it properly. At this stage, the ability to counter strikes is still highly stressed, and users of this stage typically lay in wait until an opportunity presents itself to strike forth. Attacks at this level stil mostly consist of punches and kicks, but the proper strike, Jishinsuto, has now been incorporated into the stratagem of the practitioner of the Magnetic Fist. The primary focus of this stage of training is learning the Jijou Hakkaku and Jishinsuto and adapting to it's power and abilities.

Special Techniques

Jishinsuto I [Magnetic Needle Strike]
Using the index and middle fingers to strike specific points in the body, the Jishaku Genkotsu user is capable of channeling the magnetic field that flows around him into his fingers and therefore focus a minor electrical and magnetic charge through his digits. Serving as a kind of taser, the electrical current can be used to cause a slight electric shock on the point of impact, as well as using the magnetic charge to adversely affect the point of impact. A strike to a limb would result in an involuntary opening of the fist, a strike to the leg would likely result in a buckling of the knees, a strike to the stomach or chest would result in slight nausea, and a strike to the head would cause minor dizziness. Affects brought about by the Magnetic Needle Strike last for one post, and a magnetic field must be active in order for the needle strike to be performed.

Stage Three

In the third stage of the Jishaku Genkotsu, both speed and agility have improved, allowing the fighter to perform even better in combat. More athletic and agility-oriented techniques are now added into the common fighting style: backflips to avoid attacks from both the front and back, side cartwheels over thrusts or liniar blows from styles like Gouken, and the like. However, the most important development is the stressing of the tactic of creating an opening. By forcing their opponent into making foolish attacks through steady, planned strikes, the user is now learning the beginning stages of what will be one of the main strategies of the higher stages of the Magnetic Fist.

Special Techniques

Jishaku Datto (Magnet Dashing/Bounding)
Description: Due to the intense specialization in chakra control needed to perpetually emit the magnetic field that makes the style of combat possible, practitioners of the Magnetic Fist often find they need a supplement to their physical prowess in order to effectively close the gap between themselves and their foe. Wrapping energy from the magnetic field about one of their legs, the user can use that magnetic energy to push against the earth's magnetic force (which must always be the ground) in order to propel the user in a specific direction for a maximum distance of 20 feet. However, this method of travel is taxing, and thus can only be used one time every four posts, and also lowers the duration the user can maintain the magnetic field by one post every time it is used. This technique requires an active magnetic field to be performed.

Stage Four

The user know has enough experience step into attacks with confidence, and therefore evade attacks both effectively and stylishly, while countering, and using attacks of opportunity to deal significant damage. Due to the reliance on speed and reaction, the user has suitable learned to adopt a powerful stance that allows for quick counterstriking, and has learned to force an opponent into a situation where they will have no choice but to fight him/her in such a stance. Also, at this level, the user is taught to be most flexible, and to strike from the sides, and above as often as possible, as opponents can rarely react to attacks from such hard to defend, and least-targetted areas.

Special Techniques

Jijou Hakkaku II [Magnetic Field Detection]
Requires Jijou Hakkaku I
A vast improvement over the previous stage of Jijou Hakkaku, the user is now able to emit a much more powerful magnetic field about his body. Now capable of extending the field a diameter of 20 feet around his body, he is able capable of detecting the vague direction from which oncoming projectiles have entered his field. Nevertheless, the field is only able to inform the user of ranged attacks from one front, and thus projectiles from multiple directions could not be sensed any better than they could by the weaker field. Like its weaker predecessor, the field requires a constant flow of chakra to maintain, and can only be held in existence for a number of posts equal to the users reserves.

Stage Five

At this level, the user has achieved a much more full sense of the style he practices, and thus is able to perform actions that both force the foe into foolish actions, open themselves up for yet another attack, as well as preserve their own offensive. Furthermore, with the obtaining of a new level of the Jishinsuto, the user of the Magnetic Fist is able to use their magnetic field to hinder their opponent in a great number of ways, subsequently allowing them to weaken their foe’s greatest weapons; a fact that allows them to press and maintain the advantage far more effectively.

Special Techniques

Jishinsuto II [Magnetic Needle Strike]
Requires Jishinsuto I
Now capable of focusing a more potent electrical and magnetic charge into their fingertips, the user is able to strike forth with a new level of power. The initial electric shock is now quite painful, though still relatively minor, and the effects brought about by the magnetic strike are now more obvious. A strike to the arm would result in an involuntary opening of the fist followed by a tingling sensation that would slightly hamper ones ability to grip a weapon, an successful blow to the leg would result in the buckling of the knees followed by slightly hampered movement, a strike to the stomach would bring about noticeable nausea, and a strike to the head would cause headache and mild disorientation. Like the previous stage, all affects caused by the Magnetic Needle Strike last one post, and a magnetic field must be active in order for a needle strike to be performed.

Stage Six

The level of training increases as the gap to mastery slowly begins to close. The users of Jishaku Genkotsu begin to learn how to manipulate their Jishinsuto to the best of their abilities, but the most evident growth is the perfection of Jijou Hakkaku. Furthermore, the years of training needed to obtain this level of the Magnetic Fist has brought about great judgment in regards to their battle tactics. Thus, they are now capable of easily turning any careless move from their opponent into a devastating counterattack.

Special Techniques

Jijou Hakkaku III [Magnetic Field Detection]
Requires Jijou Hakkaku II
At this stage, the user has now reached the pinnacle of their ability to emit a magnetic field around their body. A vast improvement over its previous distance, the diameter of the field has now grown to 25 feet. The signals from the field are now extremely fast, thus allowing for the exact location of small numbers (three to five) incoming projectiles to be felt as long as they approach from roughly the same direction. However, like before, the field is unable to process projectiles coming from multiple fronts, are therefore only a vague direction of these threats are given. Like its weaker forms, a constant flow of chakra is needed to maintain the field’s existence, and thus the magnetic field can only be employed for a number of posts equal to the user’s reserves.

Stage Seven

The final level of the Jishaku Genkotsu has been brought to a powerful new plateau. Already possessing the pefect form of the magnetic field, the user has now gained the ability to channel this powerful tool into the ultimate form of the Magnetic Needle strike; a fact that now makes the counter attacks of the user incapacitate the foe in ways that open the door to finish the battle. Furthermore, the counterattacking skill of the user has grown to astonishing new levels. Oftentimes, the user appears to be paying little attention to the battle at hand. In fact, however, the user does this intentionally to draw opponents into attacks. An unwitting foe will strike at the seemingly oblivious Jishaku Genkotsu user, only to find themselves caught in the full fury of the speed and power of the counterstrikes.

Special Techniques

Jishinsuto III [Magnetic Needle Strike]
Requires Jishinsuto II
With the perfection of the magnetic field that flows around the body of the user, the practitioner of the Magnetic Fist is now able to learn to perform Magnetic Needle Strikes of frightening power. The initial electric shock has grown to be roughly the strength of an Advanced Chuunin level Raiton, and is thus quite painful. Furthermore, the affects brought about by the Magnetic Strikes have grown as well, and are capable of bringing about devastating consequences. A strike to the arm will invariably cause the user to drop whatever he or she is holding, as well as cause a numbing feeling that renders them incapable of holding a weapon until the numbing has subsided. A strike to the leg will likely cause a temporary loss of balance, followed by a brief period where the victim will find the act of running is virtually impossible. A strike to the core of the body will result in severe nausea, and can even result in involuntary vomiting in those with lower stamina. Finally, a strike to the head will result in extremely painful headaches, as well as severe disorientation. Like the previous stages, the affects of these strikes disappear after one post, and the Magnetic Needle Strike cannot be performed without an active Magnetic Field.


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Cloud Taijutsu- Magnetic Fist.
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