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 Cloud Ninjutsu

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PostSubject: Cloud Ninjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:21 pm

Stage 1: Academy Level

Name: Yurayura Ranpu no Jutsu (Flickering Light Technique)
Description: Charging electrical chakra throughout the Cloud-Nin's entire body the shinobi makes his skin light up giving it a bright glow that can allow him to see it a night. One can also control this bright glow to make the light flicker, using it as a code or a signal.
Stage 1 effect: As described above.
Stage 2 effect: The user can make the light glow so brightly, it causes anyone who looks directly at it to become disoriented for 1 post.

Name: Raikou Bunshin no Jutsu (Lightning Clone Technique)
Description: This technique makes a simple clone of the shinobi however unlike the standard bunshin, which is a genjutsu, this bunshin takes an actual physical form through the use of electrically charged chakra. One can easily touch and hold this clone like it was in fact an actual person, however when it is attacked it quickly disperses into smoky, hot air. It is also able to attack using taijutsu, however it's ability to attack is around 1/10 in perspective to the user, in return for this weakness it's attacks deliver minor shocks of electricity to the opponent's body. The technique by itself creates one bunshin, but an additional bunshin can be created after every 2 stages.

Name: Seiteki Suji no Jutsu (Static Strings Technique)
Description: This skill allows the user to create strings of electricity that can either act physically as strings, or as a medium that can send small shocks to an opponent. One of this technique's most useful features is its ability to allow the user to detect outsiders. When the strings are placed around an area, they are often fairly difficult to see, and unnoticed by the quick eye. But when the string is used to detect outsiders, they can adapt a quality that is string-like and electrical at the same time. This quality makes the static strings into a string of electricity, but with such a weak current that it is rarely noticed by Shinobi who accidentally walk through the strings. However, when this happens, the user at once will feel a small shock in their fingers, or where ever else they are keeping the strings intact. But unless the opponent felt the weak current as they walked through the strings, the opponent will usually never know the strings were there. But beyond its ability to detect outsiders, this skill can be used as a normal string when it is needed but none is around, or it can be used to create small shocks to other people. However, the shocks are only a little bit stronger than static electricity, and usually do no damage at all.
Duration: 3 Posts

Name: Teikou no Kuntou (Passive Ability: Electricity Resistance Training)
Description: While not necessarily a technique that must be taken, most Cloud-nin are taught this at the Academy. As most know electricity in general is a deadly and somewhat scarce element, generally one could only collect the necessary electricity necessary to perform techniques if they were fighting in the middle of a thunderstorm, or near an electrical source. However current training standards in the academy show how a cloud-nin tends to make electricity through the use of chakra, turning most Cloud-nin in to human capacitors, technically. The process is generally quite painful and requires about 5 months of mental and physical conditioning to resist the charges you activate onto your body.

As it is written, this technique is optional. A person who doesn't take this skill will generally feel pain when even performing their own electricity based techniques, also one who tends to take this ability tends to notice that minor shocks generally do not hurt them as badly.

Stage 2: Genin Level

Name: Heki no Jutsu (Burst Technique)
Description: An overall simple move that is generally taught to genin to assist in generating and controlling chakra for the sake of ninjutsu, the shinobi vents electric chakra from his entire body, causing anyone that touches or attacks him to receive minor electrical shocks and burns. A shinobi can stay in this state for 2 posts.

Name: Kumo Keba no Jutsu (Cloud Wisp Technique)
Description: A scouting technique forming warm air into his hands the Cloud-Nin creates a cloud that is infused with chakra, the entire process takes a post in itself, after forming the cloud the nin loses all form of mental consciousness and the cloud flies away. This little wispling of cloud is now controlled by the nin who has lost consciousness it hears and sees all that is near the cloud. More often times then not the ghosts many foreign shinobi claimed to of seen in The Gate is nothing more then a shinobi using this technique, the wispling looks like a slight misty ball and some could even see the face of the nin form into it giving it a more ghost-like appearance. Destroying it is very easy, physical attacks, ninjutsu almost anything can dispel the technique returning the nin to consciousness, but a horrible weakness this wisp does have is that if one were to use genjutsu on the probe it immediately dispels and the user is afflicted with the genjutsu that was used without even knowing it.

Name: Nagare Isou no Jutsu (Current Transfer Skill)
Description: An overall simple yet very effective technique, the Cloud-nin creates a sort of electrical current on his hand, this current can then be transferred onto any weapon he happens to be holding at that moment be it a kunai, senbon, shuriken, or even a sword. The next physical attack he performs is charged with this electrical current, if he blocks a weapon attack with his own weapon the current transfers over shocking the attacker. If by chance the user is not carrying a weapon he can transfer this current into his opponent's weapon shocking him, or can even hit him with this current.

Name: Raiton: Raikou Boruto no Jutsu (Lightning Element: Lightning Bolt Technique)
Description: A simple technique in concept and execution, in which the user performs the necessary handseals and then emits a short bolt of lightning from his or her hand. This is a simple bolt, akin to a fireball, as opposed to being a continuous stream. On impact, the target will suffer minor electric shocks.

Name: Raikou Henge no Jutsu (Lightning Transformation Technique)
Description: This technique, while being a branch of Henge no Jutsu, allows the user to transform in a way they never dreamed of. When performing this skill, the user transforms into an extremely quick 'strand' of lightning. In this quick state, nothing is done slowly - everything is in a rush for the user. However, this strand of lightning is incapable of changing directions on its own. It can only change directions by bouncing off another object, such as a tree or a boulder, but the user is capable of bouncing off in any angle they wish to. It is not recommended using this technique in a field with little objects to bounce off of.

The user can stay in this form for a maximum of 2 posts, and does no damage to the things they bounce off of. However, the Henge automatically dissipates when the user makes contact with a living target. Being in a state similar to lightning, the user plunges completely into their target, and ends up in their physical state on the other side of their opponent. In addition to giving the target a painful electrical shock, this skill may or may not paralyze their opponent for up to one post. After this skill is used, it takes a complete post for the user to completely recover. Because of the fast speeds associated with this skill, the user will feel dizzy, confused, and often nauseous for some time afterwards. A genin's speed is cut by half for one post, and is unable to perform any jutsus for two posts. A chuunin's speed is cut by half for one post and is not capable of performing any jutsus during that post. A jounin's speed is cut by 2/3 for one post and is able to use academy level techniques during that post.

Note: This technique can be used in conjunction with other jutsu, such as the Call of Lightning Technique, or the Lightning Clone Technique, to confuse the opponent. However, no skills can be used in this state. Also, This jutsu cannot be used as a substitute for a kawarimi. It cannot be performed nearly as fast, so using it like that is not allowed.
Duration: 2 posts, + 1 post of confusion + a conditional amount of weariness

Stage 3: Advanced Genin Level

Name: Raiton: Yaiba no Jutsu (Lightning Element: Blade Technique)
Description: This skill allows the user to charge chakra in the form of electricity in the palm. Then, the chakra eventually works up to the fingers, where a blade of electricity is formed between the index and middle finger. The blade is very thin, and depending on the user's chakra, anywhere from 8 inches to a foot long. It is around 2 to 3 inches wide, and it lacks a hilt. The blade is held between the fingers, but as soon as it is let go, the blade vanishes into thin air. The strength of this blade isn't as strong as a normal blade, as it is nowhere as dense or as heavy. But because the blade is very thin, it is capable of doing some major damage, if used properly. However, this blade can also hurt the user, anywhere except for the fingers where the blade is held.
Duration: 3 Posts

Name: Dendou Kariyou no Jutsu (Electric Overdose Technique)
Description: The user takes one post to channel a large amount of electricity into a limb, making the chakra visible. Upon contact with the opponent, the electricity is shot into him and the target’s weight almost doubles, making it harder for the victim to move. Lasts two posts.

Name: Kumo Tate no Jutsu (Cloud Shield Technique)
Description: After flashing a series of hand seals the shinobi uses chakra to condense the air immediately in front of him into a thick, chakra-embedded barrier made of cloud. This barrier blocks normal weapon attacks that are coming straight ahead, and will also block ninjutsu-based projectiles depending on what stage effect it used at. Any ninjutsu-based projectile higher then the stage effect will cause the barrier to fade away.
Stage 3 effect: Blocks Ninjutsu-based projectiles at Stage 3 or lower.
Stage 4 effect: Blocks Ninjutsu-based projectiles at Stage 4 or lower.

Name: Raiton: Raikou Hitofuki no Jutsu (Lightning Element: Lightning Blast Technique)
Description: An upgraded version of Lightning Bolt, this jutsu works the same way except now it is a continuous blast of electricity. The blast can last for up to two posts, but can be ended prematurely by the user. A target hit by this technique will experience quite painful electric shocks, however they are still relatively minor.

Name: Kanri Soushitsu no Jutsu (Control Loss Technique)
Description: A rather sophomoric skill in itself forming electricity into the primary hand of the Cloud-Nin the shinobi delivers a full on palm strike to the body, the voltage of this particular technique is considered high enough that the target generally loses control of the bowels and bladder causing a rather distracting mess in their undergarments. Obviously the catch is however that one has to be hit by the palm strike to fall victim to this immature tactic.

Stage 4: Chuunin Level

Name: Raiton: Raikou Shunshin (Lightning Element: Lightning Instantaneous)
Description: When performing this technique, the user does a single seal, (Bird), and the user disappears in a wisp of electricity. The maximum the user can travel is a radius of 1 mile from where they are standing, but they must be able to visualize the area in their head. This technique can be used in escaping combat, and also to travel to some extent. However, when this is used to escape combat, this cannot be in the same post the user is attacked or is attacking.

(Note:This skill can only be used twice per post and can never be used to travel to the same point that you were originally at in a post when in a non-combat situation. In a combat situation it can only be used once.)

Name: Hikuhiku Eda no Jutsu (Twitching Limb Technique)
Description: An off-shoot of the Electric Overdose Technique, after the user takes one post to channel a large amount of electricity in to his hand, making the chakra visible, the user can attack a specific body area of his opponent and fire electricity into it once. Whatever area is struck the muscles immediately begin to constrict and twitch in extreme pain and causes the limb to be unable to move for two posts.

Name: Dendou Hari Hirogari no Jutsu (Electric Needle Spread Technique)
Description: Generally used as a ranged defensive maneuver when a Cloud-nin wishes to hit multiple targets in front of him. First, requiring a single post, he begins to grow electricity-based needles all over the front area of his body. Anyone using a taijutsu on him between now and the next time he posts from the front side will get a slight sting, attacking from the sides or from the back is still effective however. Once the needles have grown the user then flashes one hand seal and all the electric needles launch themselves in a front spreading maneuver towards anyone in their way. Anyone who is hit by the needles receives a nasty shock and slight numbness to the afflicted part.

Name: Raiton: Raikou Kousen no Jutsu (Lightning Element: Lightning Beam Technique)
Requirements: Raikou Hitofuki
Description: This is the pinnacle of the single-target ranged lightning jutsu. The attack from Lightning Blast has been upgraded further, making it into a beam twice as wide as before, and much more damaging. Targets hit head-on with this jutsu will experience a fantastic amount of pain and be stunned for one post after the jutsu ends. Also, nearly missing with this jutsu also has some effect. Because of the high amount of voltage, small lightning bolts can arc from the beam to someone standing within two feet of it, causing shocks a little bit more damaging than those of Lightning Bolt technique. This jutsu can last for up to 2 posts, but can be ended prematurely by the user.

Name: Dendou Bakuhatsu no Jutsu (Electric Detonation Technique)
Descriptions: Flashing a number of Hand seals the user causes all lightning bunshins that are under his specific control to explode into a burst of electricity, shocking anyone that happens to be near them.


^ I made this ^
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Missing Nin

Male Number of posts : 319
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Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Re: Cloud Ninjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:22 pm

Stage 5: Advanced Chuunin Level
Note: One can go no further then Level Four in the Ninjutsu list without Teikou no Kuntou

Name: Dendou Hebi no Jutsu (Electric Snake Technique)
Description: A capturing technique, after flashing the necessary handseals the shinobi brings electric chakra into his hands, shoves his fingers into the ground, and fires electricity through the ground towards an opponent. The target can generally see this technique coming as small bolts of Lightning dance across the ground towards them, one post later if they have done nothing to avoid this technique a chain of lightning bursts out of the ground and wraps itself around the ankles of the target. As long as the Cloud-Nin has his hands his fingers buried into ground the target is ensnared. While ensnared the nin is unable to move his legs but is still able to use his arms and hands, however for every other post the user has been ensnared he receives an electric shock.

Name: Shinkou Arashi no Jutsu (Rising Storm Technique)
Descriptions: A defensive technique that covers the immediate area of the Cloud nin from a large degree of angles. Collecting electricity through his entire body he immediately pushes all of it into the ground below him, almost instantaneously bolts of lightning begin rising from the ground in a rhythmic fashion covering his front, back, and side, but still allows him to be attacked from above. Most form of projectiles (i.e. shuriken, senbon, kunai) are deflected in the process but ninjutsu that are higher then users power can drive though this maneuver. Also while one is performing this move he must keep his hands on the ground so he is unable to attack others while performing this move.
Base: Lasts for 1 post, requires no charging.
Stage 1: Lasts for 3 posts, requires a charging time of 3 posts (user cannot move while charging).

Name: Junsei Raikou Kunai no Jutsu (Pure Lightning Kunai Technique)
Descriptions: As the user flashes a number hand seals the shinobi begins to develop 4 kunai between his fingers that he can throw at his opponent. Many people often see elemental techniques that take the form of throwing weapons as low grade techniques, and as such enemy shinobi often scoff when they see this technique occurr. However this technique is not the same as any traditional elment technique. The kunai that are developed are made of pure, concentrated lightning, heated to the point that with the amount of power that they are thrown it it could go through most forms of metal and still do some damage.
Base: Four kunai are made.
Stage 1: Six kunai are made.
Stage 2: Ten kunai are made.

Name: Rensa Raikou no Jutsu (Chain Lightning Technique)
Description: A useful technique generally used in an attempt to take out a group of enemies by surprise. Forming electricity into both hands the Cloud Nin launches a continuous stream of Lightning at one opponent, if the technique hits one person it immediately launches itself at the next non-friendly person who posts. The lightning chain specifically targets water that is found in the body, so bunshins are generally left untouched unless it's a Water Bunshin.
Base: Three targets can be hit at once.
Stage 1: Four targets can be hit at once.

Name: Dendou Kaitengi no Jutsu (Electric Gyroscope Technique)
Description: This technique offers the user both offensive and defensive capabilities, presenting some interesting strategic options. The user forms the necessary handseals and, by focusing his chakra, creates a pair of rings of electricity around himself, that spin about like a gyroscope, maintaining a constant electric field throughout its radius, which is half a meter from the user. If anything from outside attempts to enter this radius, the rings will shoot a blast of electricity potent enough to knock back a person and completely deflect any projectile. The shield will effectively block any taijutsu attacks stage 5 or lower, and any ninjutsu attacks stage 4 or lower. An attacker using a taijutsu above stage 5 will be able to enter the radius of the gyroscope, but will still suffer an electric shock as he enters. The user is able to move around while the shield is active, however at a slightly slower speed.
Base: Jutsu lasts for 2 posts.
Stage 1: Jutsu lasts for 3 posts.
Stage 2: Jutsu lasts for 4 posts.

Name: Takameru Raikou Bunshin no Jutsu (Enhanced Lightning Clone Technique)
Description: This technique is a powered-up version of the Raikou Bunshin. Like before, a physical clone of the user is made out of electrically charged chakra. However, this version is stronger than before, having the user's full physical stats, with 1/3 of the user's taijutsu bonuses. The enhanced clone's punches carry with them a relatively minor electric shock, and it can also use one Cloud ninjutsu that the user knows, but only stage 3 or below, and once the jutsu is completed, the clone vanishes in a puff of smoke. A solid hit to them will also produce the same effect. One clone can be made for every 2 stages.

Stage 6: Jounin Level

Name: Yobigoe no Raikou no Jutsu (Call of Lightning Technique)
Description: A dangerous technique not only in the sense of it's power but also by it the fact of its inability to be controlled. Forming the necessary hand seals the shinobi begins to collect mist in his immediate area much like Kirigakure no Jutsu, however it begins to rise and form into a thunderstorm cloud instead of laying dormant like mist does. Now powered by chakra the cloud will begin to strike random nin with lightning, the power of this lighting has the ability to cause massive third-degree burns, majorly constricted breathing, and possible fibrillation. This technique lasts until the maker of the storm cloud posts twice.

(Note: Determining who gets struck is left to the matter of the Cloud GM, when a user performs this jutsu the thread pauses and the GM should be messaged immediately. The GM will then post OOC two numbers, any nin whose control can be evenly divided by the first number will be at risk of being struck by lightning the next time he posts. Any nin whose control can be evenly divided into the second number will be at risk of being struck by lightning the next time he posts after the next time.)

Name: Kyuutai Tate no Jutsu (Sphere Shield Technique)
Description: Circulating electrically charged chakra around the entire area of the body the user is now able to push this chakra out of their body forming a personal-range electric sphere of defense that covers all angles and even overhead for the next turn. Anyone who is attempting to break the shield with a taijutsu attack will be given a shock capable of leaving a second-degree burn and pushed back, any type of thrown weapon is immediately blocked as well. The shield can also deflect ninjutsu attacks up through stage 5. The downside of this is that the user is unable to move while the shield is active.

Name: Dendou Enmu no Jutsu (Electric Fog Technique)
Description: A two part technique that can cover a large amount of area or hit one person specificaly, first performing a few hand seals the shinobi blankets the area in a natural, cloudy fog ending his first post. The fog in itself is not very thick, one could essentially see through it and very much fight as if they were not in fog at all. However once this fog has been summoned the Cloud-Nin, now on his next post, is able to fire at one target or a number of targets indirectly by sending an electrical current through the droplets of condensed water that composes this fog esentially creating a series of small, but powerful, electrical shocks and as such vaporizing the fog. These shocks esentially can cause physical debilitation and at worse unconciousness.
Base: Attacks one target.
Stage 1: Attacks 4 targets.

Note: The first part of this technique can be essentially avoided if fog exists in the immediate vicinity or Kirigakure no Jutsu (by way of ninjutusu) has been used. However by performing this technique by such methods will cause the essential water vapors to disappear. If done by method of Kirigakure no Jutsu, the technique still occurrs and the mist is still very debilitating but it is unable to maintain the charge for the jutsu to be used via the Kirigakure again, and as such, fog must be created for the user to perform the jutsu again. Also the "background fog" method only be used once in a thread.

Name: Sai Sen no Jutsu (Rewire Technique)
Requirements: Admin Approval
Description: Making physical contact with an enemy shinobi the Cloud-Nin shoves Static Strings into his opponent and himself, by hotwiring the electrical impulses of the target's brain he disables the target and assumes control of the opponent's body for the next three posts. While in this state the shinobi can only control the target body and has little control over his own body which will remain standing in place. Major problems with this technique is that by severing the strings you break the connection between the target and the Cloud-nin, also the maximum range the controlled body can move from the original body is 50 feet, otherwise the strings will break.

Open Slot

Stage 7: Advanced Jounin Level

Name: Hando no Semeku (Hands of Torture)
Descriptions: Considered by most to be more of a torture technique then an actual attack the Jounin can lay his hands on his opponent and send several thousands of volts of electricity into the target. Depending how many times a Cloud-Nin has hit the opponent with this during a thread will depend on what happens. One post of being hit by this technique causes minor burns, chest constrictions, blurred vision, and overall pain. An additional post of being hit by this any other time during the thread will cause on-site second-degree burns, partial blindness, and an inability to breathe. A third post of exposure will cause a third degree burn on the spot that the hands touched and will cause major orificial hemorrhaging cause by internal bleeding, and unconsciousness. By this third post a target is officially given the choice of leaving a thread if the character regains consciousness he is officially giving permission to die. The fourth exposure causes death, and pretty much leaves the area smelling like burnt flesh.

Name: Kouten no Saiketsu (Heaven's Judgement)
Requirements: Admin Approval
Description: A technique that causes overall destruction and chaos, performing a number of seals a large spinning tube of lightning launches itself out of the user's body and speeds away in the direction that the Cloud-Nin was facing. Going at a particularly high speed this tube begins to tear up all peices of land it touch and bores large holes through anything that has the horrible chance of being in front of it it for the next three posts and then explodes in a huge burst of electricity essentially electrocuting anyone within close proximity of the explosion.

Name: Shina no Kourin (The Descent of Shina)
Requirements: Admin Approval
Description: A technique used generally to remove a huge group of nins or to breach a heavily guarded section of wall. Using one post to fully charge all chakra and then an additional post of doing nothing but hand seals the Cloud-Nin is able to open the skies from above and as such a sphere of clouds about 14 feet in height and 14 feet in circumference slowly descends from the sky. It then takes an additional post for this slowly descending ball to touch the ground, but once it does everything in a 90 foot radius of where the ball dropped is attacked by huge bolts of lightning causing large amounts of property damage and what not.

Name: Raiden no Moui (Raiden's Fury)
Requirements: Admin Approval
Description: A technique often used for the sake of demolitions purposes, the user flashes a number of seals and finally ends the series with an odd looking seal that auspiciously looks like the seal that the Yamanaka use for their own techniques. The user of this technique now must keep his eyes set on one specific object that he can see through this seal for the next two post, if he moves or does anything else but aim during this period the technique is cancelled. After two posts, the skies suddenly open up, and a huge beam of white lightning strikes where the user was aiming, decimating the target and causing powerful shockwaves to affect the area 500 feet from the point of impact, most likely decimating anything with a foundation. One can generally tell that this technique is occurring by the fact that the skies turn black, thunder begins sounding, and it starts to rain during the 2 posts of preparation as well as a sudden increase of heat.

Open Slot

Stage 8: Sennin/Kage Level

Name: Sigh of the Yellow Dragon
Description: Often considered to be Nagai Jyushin's trademark technique the few who have ever seen it have gazed in awe at the complete output of chakra one would have to use in order to perform such a move as this. Placing but one single hand on the opponent the shinobi delivers a huge debilitating shock to his target forcing him to his knees, the shinobi then generates a excessively huge amount of electirc chakra that the target's body turns to ash and crumbles away. Some who have claimed to of seen the move in action say that a human sized flying snake can be seen wrapped around Nagai and then flies high into the sky, never to be seen again. However to this day the school teacher claims he knows no such move.

Name: Shina's Touch
Description: A move believed to be forever lost in legend, but technically possible had one the ability to manipulate enough electrical chakra to do so. Concentrating enough chakra to just the hand one could place it on the opponent's chest and regulate the heart to beat slower then the human body needs to survive. At first the target doesn't even notice that such a technique has even happened and continues moving like it's nothing, however after 4 posts the target begins to falter about and then collapses as he feels his entire body coarsing with pain and exhaustion unable to get back up. 2 later the victim falls into a coma and then dies one post later. Although it has never been performed since the days Shina herself was alive one claims all one needs to do to survive such a slow and painful death is to have Hekirikite no Jutsu performed on the victim, re-regulating the heart to it's proper setting.


^ I made this ^
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Cloud Ninjutsu
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