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 Stone Genjutsu

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PostSubject: Stone Genjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:15 pm

Stone Genjutsu List

Stage 1
Min Duration: 1
Base Duration: 3
Max Duration: 5

Okkuu Chiri no Jutsu (Annoying Dust Technique)
Description: Activated by blowing into a cupped palm as if holding a small pile of dirt, this simple genjutsu makes a person feel as if there was a speck of dust in their eye, irritating it. Although not damaging, it can cause the victim to lose concentration as he rubs his eyes in an attempt to get the nonexistent dust speck out.

Tsutaurushi no Jutsu (Poison Ivy Technique)
Description: A genjutsu inspired by the poison ivy and oak plentiful in the forests of Earth Country, it causes the victim to feel as if he was touched by poison ivy. The target feels irritating itching over his skin. This genjutsu is triggered by physical contact between user and target.

Itsuwari Doton Bunshin no Jutsu (Fiction Earth Clone Technique)
Description: Creating handseals identical to Doton Bunshin, the user holds the last one and uses it as a visual trigger. The target sees Doton Bunshin copies rise from the earth around the user, but contact with the clones proves that they are simply illusions.

Iwa no Jutsu (Rock Technique)
Description: The user points at a spot on the ground, trigger the genjutsu if the opponent follows the gesture. A small rock juts from the earth at that spot, just in front of the target’s foot. The target must deal with the rock, tripping over it, stumbling on it, or stepping out of the way.

Doro Shissaku no Jutsu (Mud Slip Technique)
Description: Saying ‘Watch your step’, the user activates this genjutsu. Beneath them, the target feels as if the ground has turned to mud, causing their steps to feel slippery. While this does not force a target to fall, it makes moving too quickly dangerous for the victim.

Stage 2
Min Duration: 1
Base Duration: 2
Max Duration: 4

Kyuukai Nikutai Oshuu no Jutsu (Rotting Flesh Foul Smell Technique)
Description: The user completes their seals and holds their nose as the trigger. Should the victim see the motion, they imagine the smell of rotting flesh permeating through the air. The smell is distracting and provokes nausea and, occasionally, vomiting.

Sekkin Kyoushoukoku no Jutsu (Approaching Allies Technique)
Description: A snap of the fingers or a quick whistle are all that’s needed to trigger this genjutsu. The opponent hears the sound and feels the chakra of approaching shinobi, presumably allies of the user. This jutsu is used as an intimidation tactic.

Shonben no Jutsu (Urine Technique)
Description: The user makes a hissing noise with their mouth, the sound of water running out of a faucet. Hearing the imitation, the target’s bladder seems to fill rapidly, making them uncomfortable. Attempting to relieve the pressure will reveal that the feeling is only an illusion.

Sei Kyuuten no Jutsu (Gender Sudden Change Technique)
Description: At the end of the normal handseal string, the user makes a unique seal that bends their fingers to look like a large heart. Upon seeing the special seal, the target’s visual perception of gender is reversed; men become women and women become men. This is distracting and disturbing more than it is actually harmful.

Fuketsu Koromo no Jutsu (Dirty Clothes Technique)
Description: Scooping up a handful of dirt, the user throws it at the target. Should they watch the toss, they see the dirt suddenly expand into a cloud of dust and soil. The debris attaches to the opponent's clothes, which then become incredibly uncomfortable to wear and move around in.

Stage 3
Min Duration: 1
Base Duration: 2
Max Duration: 4

Jisuberi no jutsu (Landslide Skill)
Description: When in some sort of a low altitude area, such as a valley or a canyon, the user of this skill creates a loud noise, usually as a shout or an explosive tag. The opponent then sees and hears large boulders sliding towards them at a very fast rate. This confuses and distracts the opponent as they presumably try to avoid or block the falling rocks.

Chiri Magai Bunshin no Jutsu (Dust Imitation Clone Technique)
Description: Making the seals for Doton Bunshin, the user asks ‘Who is it that you love?’. If the target hears the question, they see a clone rise from the ground, but it is not a standard bunshin. It is the image of someone close to them, though the user has no idea who it is. Only one such image may be active at a time.

Doro no Gekiryuu (Raging Rapids of Mud)
Description: Similar to Landslide Skill, the user can cause the opponent to see and hear a huge river of mud come crashing forward at a high velocity. Activated by a vocal trigger of ‘Behind you!’, the genjutsu takes affect should the opponent actually look. This confuses and distracts the opponent, but contact with the mud leaves them to find that they simply pass right through it.

Zeppeki Gisou no Jutsu (Cliff Disguise Technique)
Description: Only useful if both target and user are on a cliff, this is triggered by making eye contact. Once that contact is gained, the user creates a false image of a small extension around the cliff-side, giving an appearance of solid ground. The illusion has no mass and an opponent’s foot will fall right through.

Iwahara no Jutsu (Rock Plain Technique)
Description: As the user stomps their foot against the ground, the victim must witness the stomp. The landscape is radically altered to look like a wide open plain full of jagged rocks, though the user remains visible. This only affects sight, making the genjutsu disorienting when combined with the perceptions of reality.

Stage 4
Min Duration: 1
Base Duration: 2
Max Duration: 4

Jishin Genjutsu (Earthquake illusion skill)
Description: The user performs a short row of hand seals and then slams his hands on the ground. If the opponent sees the hands on the ground, then the illusion begins. The user appears to transfer chakra into the ground, causing the ground to shake. The opponent begins to feel the shaking, attempting to throw them off balance.

Kousho no jutsu (High altitude skill)
Description: Upon hearing the phrase 'Watch your step' uttered by the user, the target sees that the ground around him has fallen away. The target appears to be situated on the edge of an incredibly high cliffside and are only inches from falling to their deaths. During the genjutsu, the target feels as though they are at a much higher altitude, including a thinning of the air and a mild vertigo. Should the target step off the cliff, they find themselves safe.

Gaishuukketsu Tsuchi no Jutsu (Bleeding Earth Technique)
Description: Description: The user begins a series of seals before spreading their arms out towards the scenery. The victim sees blood begin to come out of all rocks, earth, mud etc. The blood is incredibly real to the victim, who can see, smell, and even touch the blood. The blood continues to flow, sticking everywhere, including the victim.

Hitoiki no Chiri (Breath of Dirt)
Description: The user takes in a long, loud breath. As the opponent watches, they feel dirt in the air they take in rather than pure air. Thus, breathing becomes increasingly difficult as soil begins to fill the lungs and coat the trachea.

Kyouboku Toukai no Jutsu (Forest Destruction Technique)
Description: Useful in wooded areas, the user finishes their seals and proceeds to attack a tree. Witnessing the strike, the target sees and hears the tree fall, which then progresses into a domino affect as the entire forest seems to come down. The confusion is compounded by the victim bumping into the actual trees which he believes to be on the ground.

Stage 5
Min Duration: 0
Base Duration: 2
Max Duration: 4

Ishi Karada Tenka (Stone Body Transformation)
Description: With a point at the target’s chest, this genjutsu makes the opponent feel as if their body is slowly turning into stone, from the feet on up. It takes a total of 3 posts for the victim to feel as if his entire body was turned into stone. The victim is unable to move his body, and even the breathing slows down until it is nearly gone.

Tokeru no Tai (Dissolving Body)
Description: The user places their hands on their stomach to trigger this genjutsu. The victim gets to watch in horror as their body suddenly starts to turn into a bloody, acrid smelling pile of earth. They can feel their body breaking but no pain, only a simple helpless sucking feeling as their body’s insides falls out from everywhere.

Iwa Senshudan no Jutsu (Rock Team Technique)
Description: Starting exactly like the Stone Body Transformation jutsu, the user instead points at someone else. Should the actual victim look at the supposed victim, they see the other person turned to stone. They cannot hear the person they see turned to stone. This is most effective when a target has allies.

Kiretsu no Jutsu (Fissure Technique)
Description: The user performs a short row of hand seals and then slams his hands on the ground. Then, the target, if seeing the user's hands, begins to see the ground cracking and opening up. The fissure opens up quickly and tries to swallow the opponent, who falls into the crack unless they move out of the way. Should they fall in, the fissure closes up after them and leaves them in complete darkness.

Stage 6
Min Duration: 0
Base Duration: 2
Max Duration: 3

Anoyo Kiretsu no Jutsu (World of the Dead Fissure Technique)
Description: The user makes the opponent see a fissure appearing in front of him as if using the standard Fissure Technique. Then, voices begin to come out of the fissure, voices of people that the opponent knows and can recognize. The voices lament their "deaths" and call out to the opponent to join them in hell. This is a genjutsu which can scare the opponent immensely, as well as distract him and psychologically hurt him.

Genkaku no Juuryoku (Illusion of Gravity)
Description: After making physical contact, the user's opponent feels as if they are walking in an environment of higher G, meaning in a place which has stronger gravity than normal. Consequently, muscles are strained since the body thinks they should work harder to compensate on the higher G-force, causing fatigue.

Chiridaruma Kuuchuu (Dust Covered Sky)
Description: The user begins a series of seals and holds the last one in the opponent’s vision. The victim sees dust cover everything, then rise up into the air. More and more dust goes up, and begins to cover the light coming from any light source. Pretty soon, there is so much dust that it is dark and impossible to see. It can be used on multiple people, although all must be looking at the user’s hand seals when activated.

Konrinzai no Jutsu (Deepest Part of the Earth Technique)
Description: Running at the target, the user attempts to push them backward. Should the attack connect, the victim falls backwards into a deep pit. While the fall doesn’t really hurt, they appear to be a hundred feet from the surface and in near-total darkness.

Mujuuryoku no Jutsu (Zero Gravity Technique)
Description: An advanced jutsu which is the counterpart of the Genkaku no Juuryoku and starts the same way, the genjutsu causes the victim to believe gravity has disappeared. The body feels as if it is floating, which causes disorientation, lack of balance, and nausea. The target is able to see that they are not actually off the ground, but it feels as though they are.

Stage 7
Min Duration: 0
Base Duration: 1
Max Duration: 3

Iwa Semeku no Jutsu (Rock Torture Technique)
Description: The user performs a powerful genjutsu on the opponent by first performing a series of seals and touching the target. The opponent suddenly feels and sees himself chained naked to a large rock. Unable to move, the opponent sees a large flock of crows and ravens come swooping down. They land on and around the opponent and beging immediately ripping out bits of flesh from the body of the opponent and eating the flesh. The user feels immense amounts of pain. This is a jutsu used primarily for torture, and it is incredibly effective.

Yougan Kiretsu no Jutsu (Lava Fissure Technique)
Description: The user performs a short row of hand seals and then slams his hands on the ground. If the target sees the user's hands, the illusion continues. The target than sees a fissure opening coming towards them. But, as the fissure continues to follow the target, the traces of the fissure begin to spew lava from within the cracks. The lava creates an intense burning pain should it touch the target.

Hitokiri Jutsu: Tsuuda Tsuchi (Assassination Technique: Crushing Earth)
Description: As the user performs this jutsu, they stomp the ground as a visual trigger. They then appear to absorb into the earth. The ground erupts around the victim, surrounding them and encasing them up to their neck. While this happens the victim's body slowing becomes tighter as the genjutsu tricks them that they are being slowly crushed to death making breathing nearly impossible. This leaves the victim open for being easily eliminated.

Chiri no Ittenshikai (World of Dust)
Description: The user begins a series of seals and throws soil in a wide arc around them. Watching the user, the victim’s vision begins to waver. Pretty soon, everything looks to be covered in dust to the victim. At the first slightest movement of the victim, the dust begins to rise up into the air, obscuring the victim’s visions and clogging up their nose and mouth. Also, the vicitm begins to feel the dust gathering around him, enclosing him and making it difficult to move.

Muhen Ishi no Jutsu (Infinite Stone Technique)
Description: An advanced and terrifying genjutsu, triggered by any physical contact, that forces the eyes of the opponent to see everything around him begin to age, except for rocks and stones. The entire world changes before their eyes at a fast rate, in which a year can pass in one real second. A decade passes in 10 seconds, and so forth. It can literally cause a person to go insane if held long enough, since to the victim the world changes at a rate that is fast and horrifying. Even if the victim doesn’t go insane, he is heavily traumatized. The target’s permission must be granted before using this jutsu.


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Stone Genjutsu
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