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 Stone Ninjutsu

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Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Stone Ninjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:13 pm

Offensive Doton List

Stage 1

Doton Tsuchi Gunjikoudou no Jutsu (Earth Military Movement Technique)
Description: This jutsu allows the user to enter the ground and "swim" in it for a limited time. However, while underground, the user may not use any other jutsu except as noted in this list. The user's time swimming starts at a base of one post and may be extended to four posts. Using this jutsu counts as using a jutsu of the same stage as the duration.
Base Effect: Can use for one post
Stage 2: Can use for two posts
Stage 3: Can use for three posts
Stage 4: Can use for four posts

Doton Bunshin no Jutsu (Earth Element Earth Clone Skill)
Description: This jutsu creates one single clone out of the ground. Its defense is incredible, and it's very powerful, but lacks speed. Two hits will destroy the bunshin. The bunshin has one-tenth the physical stats of the user and may not use any jutsu.
Base Effect: 1 Bunshin
Stage 2: 2 Bunshins
Stage 3: 3 Bunshins
Stage 4: 4 Bunshins

Koujin Bunshin no Jutsu (Dust Clone Technique)
Description: A simple bunshin jutsu, using dust and small particles of dirt found everywhere but the cleanest of places, the user is able to form a clone. The clone itself cannot attack, but can pose as a good distraction, since once it is hit, the dust and dirt particles burst open, entering the enemy's eyes, mouth and nose.
Base effect: 1 Bunshin
Stage 2: 2 Bunshin
Stage 3: 3 Bunshin
Stage 4: 4 Bunshin

Doton Iwa Tounyuu no Jutsu (Rock Throw Technique)
Description: Using chakra, the user levitates a small rock and launches it at the opponent as if they had simply thrown it.

Stage 2

Doton Shuriken no Jutsu (Stone Shuriken Skill)
Description: Widely used in situations where the user runs out of projectiles. By picking up dirt from the ground and infusing it with chakra, it molds together and takes the form of a shuriken.
Base Effect: Two Shuriken
Stage 3: Four Shuriken
Stage 4: Five Shuriken
Stage 5: Six Shuriken

Doton Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Element Inner Decapitation Skill)
Description: Usable only when underground via Earth Military Movement, the user swims towards an opponent and reaches up and out of the ground. They are able to partially affect the opponent with Earth Military Movement as long as they maintain contact, dragging an opponent down into the earth. Obviously, a target may try to shake the user off during the technique’s use.
Base Effect: May pull a target down to their shins
Stage Three Effect: May pull a target down to their hips
Stage Four Effect: May pull a target down to their neck

Doton: Tamaishi Danmaku (Earth element: Pebble barrage)
Description: Another basic technique. The user releases a surge of chakra that is capable of lifting numerous small stones and pebbles off the ground and sending them flying towards the enemy. Only small stones up to the size of a grape can be sent flying and objects too small such as sand will not be carried by the chakra. The force of this attack is not really damaging.

Doton: Rikujou Douyou no jutsu (Earth element: Ground shaking technique)
Description: Using this technique, the user sends chakra into the ground to cause the ground to shake. The spot of the ground to affect can be controlled. The magnitude of shaking is rather minor though, only capable of slightly unbalancing the opponent. If done while the opponent is not on firm ground, it may cause him to fall. Useful for distraction as well. The shaking affects a five-foot diameter circle.

Doton Jihibiki Kansei no Jutsu (Earth Element Earth Tremor Sense Technique)
Description: By touching the ground, the user can sense tremors or vibrations in the ground. These tremors allow the user to sense when and roughly where contact is made with the ground in a half mile diameter. It does not allow them to know who or what is moving.

Stage 3

Doton Doryu Taiga (Earth Element Mud River)
Description: In this common stone jutsu, the user converts part of the ground that he and his opponent are standing on into a small avalanche of mud and earth. The mud makes standing difficult for the opponent and will potentially carry them along with the weak current.

Maruishi Tounyuu (Boulder throw)
Description: This technique focuses chakra on a single boulder nearby and sends it flying towards an enemy. The impact is greater due to the size of the rock, but the boulder moves somewhat slowly due to its size. Only one rock may be thrown in a post. Similar structures, such as concrete rubble, may be thrown as well.

Tsuchi Shouaku no jutsu (Earth holding technique)
Description: This technique allows the user to manipulate the earth below an opponents feet to rise up and grab hold onto both their legs. The earthen hands move slowly and are thus relatively easy to dodge. When they do grab hold, the hands are strong but fairly fragile and may be broken by a post of struggling or stage three ninjutsu. This may only be used on natural earth and may not be used indoors.

Doton Katana no Jutsu (Earth Element Sword)
Description: Similarly to Doton Shuriken, the user picks up dirt and/or earth, molds chakra into the dirt/earth, and forms a sword of up to nodachi in size. It isn’t as sharp or powerful as a real sword and is destroyed after a few hits.

Doton Karyoku Bunshin no Jutsu (Volcanic Earth Clone Skill)
Description: This jutsu creates one single clone out of the ground. Its defense is incredible and it's very powerful, but lacks speed. The difference from the normal clone is that this one comes from heated earth, making its skin almost volcanic and painful to touch. The bunshin can only have 1/3 stats for Strength, 1/5 stats for Speed, and ½ stats for Stamina, including taijutsu bonuses. Prolonged contact with a clone causes first degree burns, and the bunshin are able to use stage one doton.
Base effect: 1 clone
Stage 4: 2 clones
Stage 5: 3 clones

Stage 4

Ryuusha no Jutsu (Quicksand skill)
Description: Using chakra, the user is able to create a pool of quicksand in the ground. The pool is circular and is of about 4 feet in diameter. This jutsu is perfect for setting traps, but it can also be directed underneath an opponent’s feet. The quicksand impedes movement and pulls anything in range down slowly.
Base effect: Diameter of 4 feet
Stage Five Effect: Diameter of 8 feet
Stage Six Effect: Diameter of 12 feet

Doton Doryuudan no Jutsu (Earth Element Earth Dragon Blast)
Description: In this jutsu, a large mud and stone structure appears from the ground in the shape of a dragon’s face. The dragon then shoots many earthen cannon balls which hit the enemy with great speed. Each shot breaks apart upon hitting a solid surface, but travels with enough momentum to carry a deal of concussive force.
Base effect: Last 2 posts and shoots 3 balls
Stage 5: Last 4 posts and shoots 6 balls
Stage 6: Last 6 posts and shoots 12 balls

Iwagakure Shunshin no Jutsu (Hidden earth Instantaneous Body Skill)
Description: An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another by lowering his body to the ground and eventually become "buried" in it. The user has to have been to the area before and be able to sense the location with his own chakra before being able to transport him there. This means that the distance is limited to about one mile. When used in combat, this may only be used to completely exit a fight and may not be combined with any attacks or other defensive maneuvers in the same post.

Doton: Rikujou Shougekiha no jutsu (Ground shockwave technique)
Description: This technique unleashes larger amounts of chakra into the ground to cause a more violent shaking to be sent in the form of a shockwave towards an opponent. The force of the shockwave is enough to knock a few opponents down and send them sprawling. The shockwave is carried by a wave in the earth that spreads outward in a fifteen foot radius.

Doton Ishi no Yari (Earth Element Stone Spear)
Description: By using chakra to control the earth below and around them, the user turns it into sharp spears. This jutsu can be used both offensively and defensively. The user can either create a spear to block an opponent's movement or they can hurl the spear at their opponent using chakra. The spears cannot be pulled from the ground without using chakra.
Base effect: 3 spears
Stage 5: 4 spears
Stage 6: 5 spears


^ I made this ^
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Missing Nin

Male Number of posts : 319
Age : 25
Village : In your village, Seducing them Virgins
Element : Sand
Warning Level :
Registration date : 2008-12-30

Character sheet
Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Re: Stone Ninjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:14 pm

Stage 5

Doton Shindoryuudan no Jutsu (Earth Element Earth Dragon God Blast)
Description: In this more advanced jutsu, the user slaps their open palm into the ground and it begins to shake. A large, bronze dragon head peaks out of the ground and roars to reveal its lengthy stone body. Then it dives back under, traveling to the opponent through the ground, causing small tremors along the surface. When it finally reaches the opponent, it shoots up in full dragon form and smashes into them, exploding on contact.

Doton Kekkai Doroudomu (Earth Element Clay Barrier Prison)
Description: Technique which completely surrounds an opponent in a dome-shaped prison made of clay or earth. Since the walls of the prison are infused with a user's chakra, any damage taken by the prison is capable of being repaired by that chakra. The prison may be destroyed by stage five ninjutsu or level five strength and will otherwise last for three posts, during which the user must maintain this jutsu.

Ikiumeru no Jutsu (Alive Burial Technique)
Description: By performing a series of hand seals, the user can make the ground underneath the target come alive and split open. The earth will swallow the target like quick sand, while a large gap is made to pull the target into. When the entire target is underground, the ground grows solid again; leaving the target buried alive just underground. The entire process takes two posts, during which time a target can attempt to save themselves.

Doton: Sekkai Bunshin no Jutsu (Rock Clone Technique)
Description: A clone is created out of rock, not just dirt and other pieces of earth. This clone is faster and stronger than a simple earth clone.The bunshin can use one doton that is at or below Stage 3 that it has the stats for and that its creator knows.
Base effect: 1 clone
Stage 1: 2 clones
Stage 2: 3 clones

Doton: Retsudo Tenshou (Earth element: Splitting earth force)
Description: This causes a violent earth rift to be sent towards an opponent by slamming one’s open palms on the ground and sending chakra deep in. The earth rifting force can cause unstable grounds to completely collapse and basically crack open the ground ahead and causes changes to the landscape. A thirty foot radius from the user is affected.

Stage 6

Doton Kazangan Doryuudan no Jutsu (Earth Element Volcanic Dragon Blast)
Description: Creating a bronze dragon head to act as a nozzle, the exact effects of this jutsu are delayed by one post. On the second post, a stream of lava is fired from the dragon’s mouth for a full post. The dragon’s head is capable of swiveling to follow movement. Once it has finished firing, the dragon crumbles into a pile of dirt.

Doton: Yomi Numa (Earth Element: Swamp of the Underworld)
Description: A technique which, over the course of a post, creates a large, viscous swamp underneath an opponent. The enemy is unable to move once trapped within the swamp. Further, the swamp cannot be crossed by water-walking jutsu. The swamp is 40 feet in diameter and five feet deep.

Doton: Kyuu Tsuchi dageki (Earth element: Sudden earth strike)
Description: A much more advanced version of the Tsuchi Shouaku, a Jounin can cause the earth to rise up at a much faster pace than the Tsuchi Shouaku. The arm created by the technique is capable of rising up to strike an opponent from behind and may even fling a target into the air. The limb is created of rock rather than dirt, requiring stage five ninjutsu or stave 5 taijutsu to break out of. It falls back into the ground after two posts, during which time it is subject to the user’s will.

Doton: Tsuchi Zuhan Danmaku (Earth element: Earth plate barrage)
Description: This powerful technique utilizes a large amount of chakra to literally lift up pieces of the ground and hurl them at the opponent. With a force greater than Retsudo Tenshou, this technique not only sends violent earth rifts forward, it actually lifts chunks of the ground and throws them at the opponent. Being a ninjutsu, this uses chakra instead of brute strength to perform, unlike its taijutsu variations. A roughly fifteen-foot cube of earth may be thrown at a time in any shape of similar volume.
Base Effect: Can be thrown 100 feet from the user
Stage 1: Can be thrown 200 feet from the user
Stage 2: Can be thrown 300 feet from the user

Dosekiryuu no Jutsu (Rock Avalanche Technique)
Description: The user must be near the side of a mountain. A powerful technique, the user molds his chakra to cause an avalanche or rockslide off the side of the mountain. Anyone in the nearby area, including the user and his allies, are subject to be carried away by the avalanche or thrown around by the falling rocks. This most only be used once per thread.

Stage 7

Yougan Tsunami no Jutsu
Description: The user calls upon a substantially large amount of lava from the center of the earth. Due to the obvious distance, it takes a full post for the lava to reach the surface, but once it does, it becomes a furious tidal wave that burns everything in its path. An extremely powerful and dangerous jutsu that should not be attempted unless the user is sure his allies will not be hurt by it. The tidal wave's size is roughly fifty feet high and seventy feet across and moves as the user directs.

Yougan Ryuu Bakuha no Jutsu
Description: Similar to Yougan Tsunami no Jutsu, this instead condenses summoned lava into a dragon-shaped stream that moves to the user’s will. The dragon rushes from the earth a post after the jutsu is originally used. It is a hundred feet long and twenty five feet in diameter. The dragon flies about the area for one post before it falls back into uncontrolled lava.

Doton: Iwa Finaru (Earth element: Rock finale)
Description: Pulling up dozens of boulders from the earth, the user sends them at a target, causing them to break into smaller and smaller parts. As any part nears an opponent, they explode with tremendous force. The battlefield is soon littered with craters from the explosions. Using this jutsu is incredibly draining on the user and may only be used once before they are unable to use jutsu for the rest of the thread.

Doton Tsuchi Tsunami no Jutsu (Earth Element Earth Giant Wave Technique)
Description: After a long series of seals, the user puts his hand on the ground and molds a massive amount of chakra into it. A large, tsunami size wave of earth and rock rises up in front of the user and crashes forward, doing immense damage to the landscape. It is the same size as the Yougan Tsunami no Jutsu.

Yama Souken (Mountain Creation)
Description: A technique that literally changes a landscape incredibly, the user creates a small mountain, about 750 ft high. The mountain is made entirely of rock, dirt, and earth. When the mountain is created, it can totally destroy the area around it, ripping out trees and buildings from underneath. This may only be used once a thread and only when the jounin is at full strength, without having used any other jutsu. Afterward, the jounin cannot use any other jutsu for the rest of the thread due to sheer exhaustion.


^ I made this ^
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Stone Ninjutsu
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