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 Mist Taijutsu Hakujou Sutoraika (Cold Striker)

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PostSubject: Mist Taijutsu Hakujou Sutoraika (Cold Striker)   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:11 pm

Hakujou Sutoraika (Cold-Hearted Striker)
This style is a type of sword style, mainly for a swordsman to use in the ability of martial and swordsmanship types of fighting. This style focuses mainly on speed and technique, but the stamina of the user is also needed to be a proper swordsman. The ability granted to the swordsman adds onto their ice abilities, enabling them to use these skills to perform ice based techniques with more potential.

This style's origins are unknown, as it would almost seem that a swordsman would have something like this already. Therefore this is able to be learned by all swordsman, and even Genin find themselves partially on the way to becoming a swordsman. This style, in the ways of mastering it, uses more graceful ways of gaining these levels of speed, which is why weights are not used in the training exercises. Instead, the ability of the user increases through their use of their colder Ninjutsu, which aids their body in learning to develop speed based on manipulating ice, whether around the sword or limbs.

The attack style of a user of this style is based mainly on speed, using only quick attacks, using their strength to make them as effective as possible. Power attacks, such as cocked underhands, are done while the user is attacking the opponent so that there is enough time to prepare the attack. Otherwise, simple swipes or swipes caused by existing momentum are used so that the user isn't slow when executing those attacks. Many swordsmen, however, tend to use their hand-to-hand abilities to consume the opponent into believing a long range or weapon battle is needed, when the true abilities of the user emerge.

Style Basis - Weapon

-If a sword is not taken, the Mizu no Yaiba can be used as a substitute. Taking Mizu no Yaiba will limit this Taijutsu to Stage Four.
-All Special Techniques have the requirement of needing the previous Special Technique. So it is possible to advance through the style without the specials, but the specials themselves have a requirement outside of stats.

-Retsudageki dulls most the blade when used on it. Stabs are exceptions, of course, but they are unable to create the Retsudageki effects.
-Retsudageki means "cold strike".

Stage One

The swordsmanship ability in this stage can only be deemed as a weak nature, but still enough to be more skilled than those unskilled users of katana and wakizashi. But for the most part, the user has learned to maneuver the sword into fluid attacks, but the user's ability to channel strength into attacks in complex maneuvers such as the 'freezing' and 'melting' of the body's movement. When performing that kind of movement, weak attacks can only be performed.

The movement of the user is a focus. The movement of the user is, in regards to ice, like a transformation. Users of this style are usually fluid to control movements immediately before dashes or attacks, which are quick and sudden. When described by another, it could be said that the user moves like water, then 'freezes' and attacks. The acceleration rate of the user after 'freezing' is low, making their speed afterwards useful at close range.

Special Technique

The ability of the shinobi, mainly for the manipulation of water, has been known and utilized in many ways. Reiketsu, however, uses coldness to attack the internal parts of the body. The user uses pulses of extremely cold temperatures to attack the body. By doing so, the user has the ability to make the organs of the body contract due to high temperatures. At this level, though, the user has learned to only create the cold feeling in the body. All attacks of this nature do no other external damage. It will only feel like a cold punch, but other than that there are no extra effects. Cannot be used on the sword, as the user is trying to get the feel of manipulating the cold temperatures.

Stage Two

The swordsmanship in this level is among the adept level, as the user begins to learn the art of charging their attacks. In the case of performing a powerful or charged attack, the user must use movement to decrease the delay before an attack which could create an opening in the attacks. This is due to the focus of balance on the movement of the user. Also, by learning this, one may charge a powerful attack, 'freeze', then attack. Of course, the acceleration of the sword is different than the body, thus a powerful attack cannot be deemed strong because it still moves slow from a freezing point.

Their movement requires a bit of balance now, as the user learns to 'freeze' after their movements, causing them to create a static pose when they finally stop moving. When they do so, balance is needed so that they may hold the pose. Therefore this level is dedicated to learning balance so that the right movements do not fall apart.

Special Technique

The Retsudageki gets stronger at this stage, throwing their attack in the body to force a blow that causes the blood to cool. One can begin to get sick due to the low body temperature now, but it is not immediate.

Stage Three

The sword style, for the amount of time it took to grow into this, has learned to place the effects of the Retsudageki into the sword. With this Retsudageki, it is safe to say that the user's attacks have grown to become more swift, as to attack with more proficiency. This, however, requires the user to channel their chakra into their weapon, dulling it while performing Retsudageki techniques.

After focusing on balance, the user has grown in their movement ability. Now they may base their movement on their hands and feet simutaneously, using them in their quest for confusing movement and balance. Also, the user may gain their max speed merely seconds after 'returning to water'.

Special Technique

The user can now the cause the cold to grant the victim slight bits of pain while the freezing temperatures affect the organs. Nothing happens other than them getting extremely cold and slowing down their processes slightly for a temporary amount of time.

Stage Four

The swordsmanship of the user has reached a high Chuunin level, thus the swordsman will learn to implement the movement of their body to their handling of the sword. Therefore allowing them to create that same confusing fake learned by the body in this level. The speed of the sword after 'freezing' is at a quick rate, being equivalent to a full-fledged attack; even if the user attacks directly after the freeze.

The movement is mainly working on the user's ability to create a second 'freezing' point within the first. This is done by first slowing to a near stop. Through this, one may seem to be moving one way, but as they move in that direction, it is a slow 'defrost', which allows the user to 'refreeze' and move a second way without making an indication of the second movement.

Special Technique

The body has begun to feel the freezing temperatures moderately, allowing the organs to begin contracting slowly after at least 2 hits. If the victim manages to keep the body from the cold and can let the body reheat, the organs will cease the contracting. However, if it continues, the body's abilities will be hindered, following 2 more hits.

Stage Five

The ability of the swordsman has increased to the higher levels, showing its worth by attacking with quicker stabs. Greater application of technique is enhanced by using the Retsudageki technique, as described below.

Special Technique

By using Retsudageki, the water surrounding the blade can control the movement of the blade independently of the hand holding the sword. The same effect as above can be performed on muscles. Muscles were harder to contract because they are thicker and has a larger volume than organs. However, the Retsudageki finally hits hard on the muscles, making them contract, but at a slower rate than the organs. It causes 4 hits to cause the muscles to contract, but 2 hits can already cause it to strain.

Stage Six

Movement hasn't increased much, except mainly for the ability of the user to place chakra on their feet, and making it act as water (or doing it with water itself), can manuever the body without making full movements. This can only be done if the user has learned the Art of Walking on Water. Attacking is now much more dependent on the usage of Retsudageki to use attacks.

Special Technique

Sense of swordsmanship allows the user to use even the hilt as a medium for the Retsudageki, as their battle sense exceeds dependancy on the blade alone. Depending on the sword, the user can use the water to make the sword spin in their hand to create a drill effect. The user has now move onto partially freezing the organs, giving the victim only 6 posts to live after making 4 hits. Muscles are not affected by this growth.

Stage Seven

Special Technique

Partial freezing of the muscles is possible after 6 hits, causing the opponent's ability when performing to either fail or be nearly pointless. One could have their ability cut down to the minimum after experiencing this effect. This lasts for 2 posts.


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Mist Taijutsu Hakujou Sutoraika (Cold Striker)
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