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 Mist Ninjutsu

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PostSubject: Mist Ninjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:08 pm

Hidden Mist Ninjutsu List

Stage 1: Academy List

Name: Mizu no Waruasobi (Trick of Water)
Description: A very simple technique which involves a simple flick of one's hands and a muster of sweat in the fingers. A precise flick comes from of the hands or even a shake can be made as if trying to get something off one's hands. The water streaks from the hand of the user and towards the enemy's eye. This unexpected irritation can blur their vision for one post.

Name: Mizu Kagami no Jutsu (Water Mirror Technique)
Description: A simple jutsu that allows the user to turn a quantity of water as small as a drop and as large as a small puddle into a mirrored surface. This can allow the user to see behind himself, and around corners with careful application of the technique.

Name: Uo Tsuba (Fish Spit)
Description: A simple jet of water shot from the mouth. It can hit with enough force to stun you if it hits properly. To give an example of its power, Mist academy students usually use this technique to play a game much like tag.
Base Effect: 1 jet
Stage 2: 2 jets
Stage 3: 3 jets
Stage 4: 4 jets

Name: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique)
Description: Creates one or multiple identical copies of the original out of water. More similar to Kage Bunshin then a regular Bunshin, water clones are capable of attacking.. The water clone can perform one jutsu that the user also knows once a thread. It must have the required stats to use the jutsu, and the jutsu must be a water elemental jutsu. One solid hit will destroy the clone.
Stage One: 1 clone
Stage Two: 2 clones
Stage Three: 3 clones
Stage Four: 4 clones

Name: Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation)
Description: Any Mist Shinobi that uses ninjutsu should likely have this technique. This involves learning basic manipulation of the properties of water. Boiling, freezing, and pressurization of water are included in these studies. Freezing is mostly limited to small amounts of water, and boiling includes the creation of steam by further putting chakra into the water. The user cannot perform these tasks on larger bodies of water with this basic study alone.

Furthermore, by learning to draw water from the moisture in the air, the shinobi can use water techniques from Stage 1 without requiring a source of water nearby (unless stated otherwise). This can also be done by creating a large amount of water within the body of the shinobi and then regurgitating for use in the appropriate jutsu.

Stage Two: Stage 1.
Stage Three: Stage 2 and lower.
Stage Four: Stage 3 and lower.
Stage Five: Stage 4 and lower.
Stage Six: Stage 5 and lower.
Stage Seven: Stage 6 and lower.
Stage Eight and Seven always requires a water source, even if the Mist-nin in question creates it first.

Stage 2: Basic Genin Jutsus

Name: Mizu Peretto (Water Pellet)
Description: An enhanced Uo Tsuba, instead of a stream, it is a bullet that impacts the enemy at high speed (though with blunt force,) and it is roughly about the size of a fist.
Stage Three: The force of the shot is now comparible to a thrown kunai. It's still blunt damage, though. Three bullets can be shot now.
Stage Four: The force of the shot is now comparible to an arrow shot from a bow. It now counts as cutting damage as well. Six bullets can be shot now.
Stage Five: The force of the shot is now comparable to a bullet from a gun. It is explosive as well, about the strength of a pouch. Nine bullets can be shot now.

Name: Mizutamari no Jutsu (Water Puddle Technique)
Description: By altering personal body shape, the user can melt into a puddle of water on the ground, and remain in that form for a number of posts. This allows the user to hide and set up an ambush, or lose inexperienced trackers.
Base Effect: 1 post
Stage 3: 3 posts
Stage 4: 5 posts

Name: Suiton: Mizu Shuriken no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Shuriken Technique)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Description: Through the use of water manipulation, the user can create multiple small shuriken comprised of water and launch them towards the target. After hitting and/or cutting a solid surface, they revert to water. The user creates one shuriken.
Stage Three: Four shuriken can be launched.
Stage Four: Six shuriken can be launched.
Stage Five: Ten shuriken can be launched.

Name: Isonagi no Jutsu (Beach Crab)
Description: A jutsu that can only be used on water or atop loose soil (sand, non-rocky aerated dirt, etc,) this technique causes a pair of pincers to rise out of the ground/water and grasp the target by the ankles before pulling him underground/water. An important difference between this technique and Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu is that in this technique the target is fully enveloped in the earth or water. In the case of earth, though, the jutsu loosens the soil enough that the target is only restrained for 1 post or 2 posts otherwise.

Water is less efficient because of its fluidity, and the target is only held under for one post. There is something to be said, though, for the change in momentum that can occur when you force an opponent to abandon all thoughts save survival.

Name: Mizu Tate no Jutsu (Water Shield Technique)
Description: A shield of water is formed around the user as a cylindrical barrier that reaches just above the user's head. After the initial creation that user can manipulate the water, allowing for water spikes, tentacles, hands and the like, though these appendages are not dexterous enough to handle a weapon. The shield is also particularly effective against fire jutsu, blocking the same stage Katon that the user is at for this particular jutsu (so if the user is maxed at Stage 5 for Mizu Tate, Stage 5 is the max Katon that can be blocked)
Initial Effect: Can block up to Stage 1 ninjutsu and Level 1 taijutsu
Stage Three: Can block up to Stage 2 ninjutsu and Level 2 taijutsu
Stage Four: Can block up to Stage 3 ninjutsu and Level 4 taijutsu
Stage Five: Can block up to Stage 4 ninjutsu and Level 6 taijutsu


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Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Mist Ninjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:08 pm

Stage 3: Advanced Genin

Name: Mizu no Yaiba (Water Sword)
Description: Creates a sharp sword made of solid water in the user’s hand. As the user's control improves, he can manipulate the shape and size he/she wants the sword to have, from a tiny dagger to a massive decapitator sword. At the minimum requirements, the sword has minimal offensive power, able to make slight cuts and tears in the flesh of an opponent, and susceptible to high pressure (an opponent breaking the blade with a weapon of his own) and fire attacks.
Standard effect: The sword can be up to the size of a wakizashi, and is fragile, breaking under the pressure of weapon strikes against it and low level (stage 2) fire ninjutsu.
Stage Four: The sword can be up to the size of a katana, and is now as strong as a normal, metal blade. Fire Ninjutsu of stage 4 can still destroy the blade, however.
Stage Five effect: The sword can be up to the size of a nodachi, and now cuts with the edge of a finely crafted blade. It can no longer be destroyed by any genin level fire ninjutsu (Stage 3 or under) and using it as a defensive sweep can negate stage 1 Fire ninjutsu. All stage 2 Taijutsu can destroy it.

Name: Mizutamari Yusuo no Jutsu (Water Puddle Transportation)
Description: The normal Mizutamari Technique must be learned before you can use this technique, since it requires Mizutamari to be used in conjunction with it. If a user uses the Mizutamari while standing on top of a lake or river or any other water source, he/she can materialize himself/herself back anywhere he/she wants within the area of the water source (maximum range, 100 feet) That way the user can surprise the enemy from behind. This may be used twice per thread.

Name: Mizukaisou Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Reflection Clone Technique)
Description: A jutsu that makes the user's reflection in water step out of the reflection and attack as a physical body. This type of water clone is an improvement over the Mizu Bunshin. The Water Reflection Clones can perform one water elemental jutsu that the user knows once a thread. It must have the required stats for the jutsu.
Base Effect: 1 clones
Stage Four: 2 clones
Stage Five: 3 clones

Name: Mizu no Yoroi (Water Armor)
Description: A thin layer of water covers the user’s whole body. At the basic requirements, it gives protection against fire techniques by dampening the effects, as well as nullifying some Taijutsu attacks. While the armor is on, it constantly draws out small amounts of both the user’s chakra and stamina, and thus can only be kept up for a certain amount of time.
Regular Effect: The armor dissipates up to stage 3 fire techniques, and physical attacks from characters with a base taijutsu stage 3 or lower. The jutsu lasts for 3 posts.
Stage Four Effect: The armor dissipates up to stage 4 fire techniques, and physical attacks from characters with a base taijutsu stage 4 or lower. The jutsu lasts for 4 posts.
Stage Five Effect: The armor dissipates up to stage 5 fire techniques, and physical attacks from characters with a base Taijutsu stage 4 or lower. The jutsu lasts for 5 posts.

Name: Suiton: Fuuma Mizu Shuriken (Water Element: Evil Windmill Water Shuriken)
Description: Instead of creating multiple smaller shurikens made of water, the user creates one or more large Fuuma Shurikens made of water and launches it towards the enemy. The shuriken causes massive damage when hitting an enemy. It is also much more solid than the normal water shurikens and can easily parry other kunais and shurikens that come in its path. This technique can be performed in one of two ways: the first is to create a single shuriken that the user may throw (this requires no body of water to draw from,) the second requires a large body of water, but allows the Mist shinobi to create multiple shuriken that he can launch directly from the water sources towards the enemy. This can be especially deadly if the fight itself is taking place atop said body of water, since the shurikens are hidden until they actually emerge from the water.
Standard Effect: One shuriken.
Stage Four Effect: Two shurikens.
Stage Five Effect: Three shurikens.

Name: Roukai Tsurishi (Crafty Angler)
Description: A kawarimi type jutsu, this replaces the user with a pillow-sized glob of mud. When it touches a surface, whether that surface is the ground or a person, the mud quickly hardens into a shell that prevents movement of whatever limb or other body part it landed on (cannot be the head). The mud shell requires Taijutsu stage 3 or Stage Three offensive ninjutsu to break, or crumbles after one post. It is more of a nasty surprise than a true binding technique. Like other kawarimi jutsu, this technique is subject to the 'two kawarimi per thread' rule.

Stage 4: Basic Chuunin

Name: Deido Tama (Mud Ball)
Description: A very useful technique used to slow down their opponents, the user spits out a large ball of mud. The mud is kept together with chakra and, when it stikes a hard surface, it hardens-- slowing down movement of the person hit or weighing down an item. Once it has turned solid, only a person with a strength statistic higher than the user's Stage can break it, though a water technique of stage 4 or higher can liquify the mud once more. After 3 posts, the hardened mud shatters, and the victim is no longer inconvenienced by it.

Name: Kirigakure Shunshin no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Instantaneous Body Skill)
Description: An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another in a spray of fine mist. The user has to have been to the area before and the distance is limited to about one mile. This jutsu can only be used to escape combat, and may not be used in the same post if the shinobi has attacked or defended.

Name: Suikusari no Jutsu (Water Chains Technique)
Description: Creates chains made of water and binds the enemy's ankles and wrists to make them more vulnerable and less mobile. The enemy can still perform normally if he is strong enough to move (Taijutsu Stage must be greater than Power to break the chains.)
Base Effect: 3 posts
Stage 5: 4 posts
Stage 6: 5 posts

Name: Suimenka no Kisoku ( Breathing underwater Technique)
Description: The art of breathing underwater using chakra to remove oxygen from water has been a long handed down secret of the Mist. This technique typically activates whenever the shinobi breathes in water and requires no handseals.
Base Effect: 3 posts
Stage 5: 4 posts
Stage 6: 5 posts

Name: Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Technique)
Description: A highly effective cover technique which blankets an area in a thick mist, confusing the senses of the enemy. Unless the user is trained to fight without the use of his vision, or has learned the technique to see through the mist, this doesn't not provide a significant combat advantage. The mist swirls about, confusing vision and distorting sound. Visibility is cut down to three feet. It is important to note that this mist is non-natural, and obstructs the view of even those using low level techniques (stage 3 or lower) to attempt to see through it.
Base Effect: 3 posts
Stage 5: 4 posts
Stage 6: 5 posts

Name: Suiton: Mizuame Nabara (Water Element: Syrup Capture Field)
Description: In a manner similar to a katon jutsu, the user can form a single, one-handed tiger seal close to their mouth. Again, alike a katon, the user will inhale, and then spit out their attack. Unlike a katon, however, the user will not spit out fire, and will instead spew out a rather large field of extremely sticky syrup, that will harden over the course of one post, trapping anyone inside it. There is a rather simple, if not well-known way, of escaping this jutsu's binding effects, and that is using the Water Walking jutsu to walk on top of the field. Anyone wishing to escape this way, though, must do so before the syrup hardens. A Strength rating higher than the user’s Power is needed to break free.
Base Effect: 1 post
Stage 5: 3 posts
Stage 6: 6 posts

Stage 5: Advanced Chuunin

Name: Suiton: Suihou no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Cannon Technique)
Description: A move that lets the user spit a powerful beam of boiling water, strong enough to cut through wood and hot enough to scald flesh. Eventually, it becomes powerful enough to carve through stone.
Base: Cut through wood and other obstacles of similar toughness
Stage 1: Each shot can cut through thick stone
Stage 2: Each shot can blast holes in thick stone
Stage 3: One shot
Stage 4: Three shots
Stage 5: Five shots

Name: Kiri Shikaku no Jutsu (Mist Vision Technique)
Description: A technique usually used with Kirigakure no Jutsu, the Mist Vision technique allows the user to see through heavy mist, steam, or any other condition caused by water in the air. This does not give the ability to see through smoke. The technique is passive and activates when the user's vision would otherwise be obstructed by mist.

Name: Doiru Suiyari no Jutsu (Drilling Water Spears)
Description: Used when the enemy is standing on top of water to surprise attack them (though a Mist Shinobi with Mizu Soujuu and enough power and control can use this technique without the water.) Large sharp drill shaped spears made of water comes forth out from the water around the enemy and attacks. Alternatively, this can be used as a powerful defense, causing the water drills to intercept attacks and either nullify them. These drills can target separate opponents, but it takes no less than 3 drills to mount each defense.
Base: 3 drills
Stage 1: 5 drills
Stage 2: 8 drills
Stage 3: Blocks Stage 4 techs
Stage 4: Blocks Stage 5 techs
Stage 5: Blocks Stage 6 techs

Name: Suiton: Suise no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Torrent Technique)
Description: This technique is somewhat comparable to the Doton Doryuu Taiga, in that the user creates a small torrent of water that moves along the ground at a high speed and can carry opponents away with it. If there is a sizable body of water nearby, or the user's Mizu Soujuu is up to the task, the size of the torrent can be quite large. Otherwise, the torrent is smaller and more specific, able to target one opponent or straight line of opponents. The torrent lasts for 4 posts, though it can be ended prematurely by the user.

Name: Mizuhada Bunshin No Jutsu (Water Body Clone Technique)
Description: A powerful enhancement of the Water Reflection clone, this technique creates a number of full-powered water clones and does not require a body of water. It can use one water elemental jutsu that the user knows once a thread.
Base: 1 clone
Stage 1: 2 clones
Stage 2: 3 clones

Name: Seinaru Funsen no Megumi (Blessing of the Sacred Fountain)
Description: This jutsu, developed by Mist’s medical division, staves off the effects of all poisons for a number of posts. It allows the shinobi to continually cleanse his biological systems and purify any foreign agents that might harm his body. The jutsu must be performed before being poisoned to be effective and may only be performed once per battle.
Base Effect: Lasts for 3 posts
Stage 1: Lasts for 5 posts
Stage 2: Lasts for 7 posts


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Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Mist Ninjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:08 pm

Stage 6: Basic Jounin

Name: Suijouki no Jutsu (Steam Technique)
Description: In this attack the user takes a deep breath in and then blows out a mass of billowing steam toward an enemy or group of enemies. It can cause severe burns, and a close range hit can be lethal.
Base – 15 cubic feet
Stage 1 – 30 cubic feet
Stage 2 – 45 cubic feet

Name: Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique)
Description: A move used to trap the victim inside a prison of water; it is very difficult to escape. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep one hand against the prison at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. This is considered one of the strongest water trapping jutsus, simply because it has no inherent duration; the technique can be held indefinitely as long as the user keeps a hand in place, and the prison cannot be escaped or broken from the inside.

Name: Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Shark Blast Technique)
Description: A powerful attack that requires its target to be on or near the water, this technique creates a large shark comprised of water that can be used to attack in one of two ways. Primarily, the shark is sent towards the opponent at a charge, attempting to strike the opponent with extreme bashing force as well as trying to rend him with its teeth. The second, more devious use involves the shark attempting to swallow the opponent. In this case, the shark is hidden under the water until it attacks. If it manages to swallow an opponent, he is trapped within a sphere of water as the shark itself dissolves.
Base – Sphere lasts 2 posts
Stage 1 – Sphere lasts 4 posts
Stage 2 - Sphere lasts 6 posts

Name: Gekiryuu Chikara (Raging River Force)
Description: This technique is similar to the Water Torrent technique, save for a few key differences. Firstly, the power of this technique is enough to tear down most stone walls and defenses, not to mention defenses made of weaker materials. Secondly, this technique produces enough water to flood a small area for several posts.
Base Effect: 3 posts and 100 square feet
Stage 1: 4 posts
Stage 2: 5 posts
Stage 3: 150 square feet
Stage 4: 200 square feet

Name: Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Element: Water Barrier)
Description: An ultimate defense of the Mist Shinobi, Suiton Suijinheki requires a great deal of water to work, or mastery of the appropriate level of Mizu Soujuu. Upon completing the technique, a large, swirling barrier of water surrounds the user and any nearby allies. This protects against any fire technique, as well as any ninjutsu that are projectiles by nature. Attempting to breach the barrier with taijutsu is self-defeating, the opponent who attempts to do so will find himself being whirled around the barrier and slammed into the ground several times throughout the duration of the technique as he is caught in its strong current. The technique lasts for two posts and can be used only twice per thread. This jutsu cannot block Stage 7 and 8 jutsu.

Name: Suiton Kuukijuu (Water Element Air Rifle)
Description: The user positions his index and middle finger together, forming a spiked two-inch cap of water over his fingertips. This water can be released simply by pointing and aiming and is launched at a speed incredible enough to carry the water bullet for up to a mile. While in flight, the bullet is spinning to maintain accuracy and also to cause greater damage to the target. Due to the concentration needed to perform this jutsu, it cannot be done in combat unless there is at least 100 feet of space between the user and the target.

Stage 7: Advanced Jounin

Name: Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water Element: Great Waterfall Technique)
Description: A Jutsu which creates a huge cyclone turned on its side, which is sent toward the opponent or group of opponents. This Jutsu can only be done when in or near a large body of water (or with the mastery of Mizu Soujuu,) and is devastatingly powerful, both in the force with which it strikes and with it's tendency to catch people and objects and slam them into other object. It can easily rip large trees and masses of rock from the Earth. It lasts for 4 posts, though the user can cancel it before it runs its full duration.

Name: Suiton: Suishouha (Water Element: Rising Blast)
Description: Using large amounts of chakra, the user creates water from thin air and forms so much that it creates a mini-tidal wave. The water then does not dissipate for the duration of the battle, thus creating an arena where the user has a large advantage has a large advantage. If the climate is exceptionally arid, such as a desert, the water only lasts for 10 posts before draining into the sand. The depth of the water once the wave has settled is anywhere between 8 to 10 feet.

Name: Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Dragon Blast Technique)
Description: A powerful attack that creates a huge current of water in the shape of a dragon, which is then sent towards the opponent. The dragon is large enough that it could wreak havoc to mountain ranges and whole valleys. Essentially a devastating single target attack, few are the shinobi who can suffer a hit from this technique and continue to fight. The user can control the dragon's movements until it hits something with an attack.

Name: Tsunami no Jutsu (Tsunami Technique)
Description: An even better and more devastating water technique than the Suishouha Technique, this Technique can drown a large village but requires enormous amounts of chakra and stamina. Usually an 'all or nothing' technique, as it is not used under normal circumstances due to the widespread and indiscriminant destruction that it wreaks.

Name: Kisokuen’en (At One’s Last Gasp)
Description: The shinobi forms a small orb of water in his palm and launches it at the target. If the hit connects, regardless of which part of the target’s body it hit, the water will splash and scatter, then swiftly climb onto the victim’s head and reform as a layer of water that is incredibly difficult to remove. It prevents him from breathing unless he wants to drown, and can be broken by Taijutsu Stage 7 or a Stage Seven offensive ninjutsu. If the water is not removed, the victim drowns within four posts. If the victim has an underwater breathing jutsu/item, he is safe from this jutsu, but in the case of an item, if the item is not already on his face when he is caught, then it's too late to put it on. Opponent permission required.

Name:Kyouatsu Sourou (Pressure Chamber Prison)
Description: Similar to Suirou (Water Prison), the user traps a target inside a spherical prison of water. The jutsu can be maintained as long as the user keeps one hand inside the prison, and the victim is unable to escape once inside. At the same time, however, the user cannot use any other jutsu with his single free hand. This advanced version of Suirou acts as if the person inside was being sent deep underwater: the amount of force pressing against his body increases the longer the jutsu is held. Eventually, his bones will begin to break, one by one, not to mention the immense discomfort… It is a favorite for extracting information from an unwilling target because this technique cannot kill; the effects always stop at the point just before it would cause death. However, if the user decides that the target must be killed, the victim is killed at the cost of the user not being able to use the jutsu again for the rest of the thread.


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PostSubject: Re: Mist Ninjutsu   

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Mist Ninjutsu
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