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 Snow Genjutsu

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PostSubject: Snow Genjutsu   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:06 pm

Snow Village Genjutsu

Durations described as Minimum/Base/Maximum.

Stage 1

Yuki Kanashibari no Jutsu (Snow Freeze-Movement)
By whistling loudly, a single target who hears this is trapped in the genjutsu. This Jutsu makes the opponent believe that he is being frozen, like frost is overcoming their body. The victim will see ice creeping up his legs and over the rest of his body. The only thing necessary to break this Jutsu is the will power to move your body even though it looks as though it is covered in ice.
Duration: 1/3/6

Yukide no Jutsu (Snow Appearance)
A very special genjutsu, it is triggered by the targets seeing the actual footprint of the user. It changes the appearance and aspects of snow in a small area for a limited time. Changes can not be huge, and are mostly limited to making footprints and other indentions in Snow, or making Snow look melted in the area, or not even there at all. Effects of this Jutsu last for one days' time in the RP.
Base Duration: N/A

Stage 2

Yuki Mekura no Jutsu (Snow Blindness)
Triggered by drawing the target’s attention to any snow or ice, anyone that looks is ‘caught’. This genjutsu makes it seem that snow is falling in the target’s vision, but unlike normal the snow begins to fill the bottom of the target’s vision and will slowly fill up their field of view. It never quite fills their vision all the way, but over 2 post it becomes increasingly harder to see.
Duration: 1/2/2

Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Shirokuma (Summoning: Polar Bear)
If the target witnesses the user slam their hand against the ground, the genjutsu triggers. This Jutsu was created simply to give Genin from the Snow village an intimidating technique. This Jutsu makes it appear as though the user can summon a large and threatening polar bear. However the illusion is dispelled once anything from the target comes into contact with the illusion.
Duration: 1/3/5

Yukikemuri no Jutsu (Fog of Snow)
This genjutsu is triggered with a whistle, the hearing of which can almost be unconscious. But once caught, the targets will see a small downpour of snow disguising the movements of the user. It will make it seem like wherever the user is, the snowfall is heavy enough that they are hard to spot. Of course, if there is no snow, this technique is silly to attempt.
Duration: 1/3/5

Stage 3

Reiryuukan no Jutsu (Frozen Sweat)
After saying any phrase containing the word ‘Cold,’, if the target hears it the genjutsu is triggered. The user of this Jutsu makes the target believe that instead of sweating normally, he is sweating shards of ice. These ice shards are pointy, and will feel like they are shredding the skin as they come out of the skin, the size of normal droplets of sweat. The target will most likely want to stop moving, just so he can stop sweating, but it does not force the target to freeze.
Duration: 1/2/3

Yukinise no Jutsu (False Snow)
A larger scale version of Yukide no Jutsu, when using Yukinise the user has more control over a larger area and more flexibility. For instance, the user can make it look as though his enemy is walking in a circle by modifying an area to look extremely similar to where he just passed through. Of course, in order to do this the user would have to know exactly how the area looked and have a very good attention to detail in order for that to work well. This genjutsu is triggered by placing any non-snow item within the environment, if the target sees the item then they are caught.
Duration: 1/3/5

Koumori Barou no Jutsu (Ice Burrow)
By throwing snow or ice before them, the user looks as though he is slowly slipping down through solid ice to burrow underground. This technique cannot be used like Kawarimi or anything like that to dodge attacks.
Duration: 1/1/1

Stage 4

Toushou no Jutsu (Frostbite)
The target is made to believe that a limb has completely frozen through and succumbed to frostbite, making the limb itself useless during the battle. This Jutsu will normally take about four posts to get to full potency, but the effects of frostbite will start to take effect through out those posts, making the Genjutsu that much more believable and harder to break out of. This can only be used on one limb per target. Each post the frost becomes more powerful, starting with just being stiffening to becoming harder to move to full immobility. This genjutsu is triggered by holding out the corresponding limb at the opponent to catch their attention.
Duration: 1/2/4

Wareyuki no Jutsu (Fragile Snow)
A target is made to believe that his entire body is made out of snow, so that anytime he throws a punch and connects, that arm will crumble away into snow causing immense pain. The same goes with kicks as well. This damage is only mental, and this technique can be Kai’ed completely in one shot if the target figures out that this is indeed a Genjutsu. This is triggered by saying any phrase containing the word ‘snow’.
Duration: 1/2/4

Hakuhyou no Jutsu (Thin Ice)
Manipulating the area around himself, similar to the use of Yukinise, a user creates a frozen lake in the eyes of his opponent. The ice of the lake is very thin and if the target should move, the ice will break beneath him, plunging him into a freezing cold lake. Once again, this is only mental, and users with high willpower or Kai can escape from it. This genjutsu is triggered by stomping on the ground, if the target looks to the user’s feet, they are caught and they’ll see ice at the user’s feet instead of snow.
Duration: 1/2/2

Stage 5

Fubuki Jigoku no Jutsu (Blizzard of Hell)
By simply making the target aware of any snow or cold, this genjutsu can be triggered (get snow on them, they are standing in snow, the room is cold). This makes it seem as if the target is in a frozen wasteland. They are all alone, a thunderous blizzard falling upon them and attempting to bury them in snow. Being touched or attacked will break this genjutsu.
Duration: 0/2/4

Yousetsu no Jutsu (Melting Snow)
The target is made to believe that he is slowly turning into snow. The target is not really effected by this directly, but an indirect effect is that he will slowly start to 'melt' in his mind. This is triggered (almost comically) by the user saying “You’re melting!”
Duration: 0/2/4

Stage 6

Nikushokusetsu no Jutsu (Carnivorous Snow)
This Jutsu seems to summon a gigantic Snow monster from the depths under the snow, from the deep caverns of the mountains. When summoned, it normally appears with the bones of humans around it and possibly a corpse or two for intimidation. The beast itself is actually around eight feet tall when standing, but it can be dispelled with a Genjutsu Kai. There are no physical effects from the monster that will actually last if the monster's attacks hit the target, however the target will think that he has been hit. Like the false summons earlier in the list, this jutsu is began with the user smashing their fist against the ground, and anyone who witnesses this is caught.
Duration: 0/2/3

Hyoufukkatsu no Jutsu (Ice Resurrection)
Rumors of the fight between the Sandaime of the Leaf and Orochimaru had spread through out the land afterwards, and some of these rumors reached the Snow. They had heard that Orochimaru had summoned the old leaders of the Leaf back from the dead, and it planted a seed of thought inside of a few certain Yukinins. Thus, this Jutsu was born. Not a true resurrection, but a Genjutsu version. In order for this technique to have full effect, however, the user must know the person he is 'summoning from the dead' very well, facial features, personality, everything. The user will charge Chakra to his fists for two posts and then thrust his hands onto the ground before him, and the snow on the ground will start to rise up and take the form of the person the user is summoning. This illusion is completely controlled by the user, however the target does not know that so it appears to be a resurrection technique. All actions by this illusion are merely mental damage, and have no effect on the physical body, however the target will most likely think that the effect is there. Genjutsu Kai will work to dispel this illusion, however the target has to figure out that it is a Genjutsu before dispelling it.
Duration: 0/2/3

Saimin no Jutsu (Sleep)
The user of this technique will need to somehow hold two fingers to his opponents head for an entire post in order for this technique to work. During that post time, he will be forming a connection with his target, and through that connection he will be able to control whether or not the target is asleep or awake. However, while this technique is active the user can do nothing more than walk from Point A to Point B, and it is generally draining for the user to use this technique. Also, due to the connection that is formed, if either dies, (the user or the target), both die.
Duration: 0/2/4

Stage 7

Setton Maboroshi Sekai no Jutsu (Snow Technique: Illusion World)
To trigger this genjutsu the user must create several more handseals after the first, continuing on as if creating a powerful technique. Any targets that witness this will be caught in the genjutsu. This genjutsu makes it possible for the user to create fake illusions of any ninjutsu from any hidden snow list that they are aware of. These illusion jutsu are not real, so they do not drain chakra, but the target will believe that they are being hit by them, the damage seeming real until the technique is over. As part of this illusion, the whole surrounding area seems to be covered in snow. Like usual, using these illusions counts as an offensive action.
Duration: 0/1/3


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Snow Genjutsu
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