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 Organization Registration Sheet

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PostSubject: Organization Registration Sheet   Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:31 pm

Organization Rules

Description Organizations are essentially groups of people (not necessarily shinobi), who have a singular purpose. This can include groups such as the Leaf's ANBU, to other kinds of groups, such as religious ones. Organizations are required to be registered just as clans are, though there are some special differences.

Organizations may possess their own unique jutsu's which are accessible to all members. These are registered like normal, though indication should be given as to what organization the jutsu's belong to.

Unlike clans, Organizations have somewhat more lax limitations on the number of members allowed. A global maximum of 10 characters per organization exists, though this is merely a guideline. Upon registering the organization you must specify the desired number of member slots you wish the organization to have (which must not exceed the global maximum), and then explain the reason you feel you should be allowed that many. Based on your reasoning the moderators will set a final limit for the number of members allowed in your group.

Please note that vast numbers of organizations will not be allowed, so expectations of any organizations will be quite high, as such it is not recommended that newer members attempt to register organizations.

Organization Registration Sheet

Organization Name: (The name of your organization, e.g. ANBU)

Desired Number Of Member Spots: (Must be no greater than the global limit

Reason For Number Of Spots: (Give your reasons for requiring as many slots as you suggested).

Organization Techniques: (Merely link to the techniques, don't post them all. If they're not yet created, please leave a note indicating that some will be registered later)

Organization Description: (Give a summary of the organizations purpose, the habits of its members, etc.)

Organization History: (Detail how the organization came to exist)

Organization Goals: (Indicate what it is the organization hopes to do above all else, essentially the organizations nindo ).


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Organization Registration Sheet
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