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 Clan Registration Sheet.

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PostSubject: Clan Registration Sheet.   Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:28 pm

Clan Rules

* Each bloodline clan may only contain three characters, while normal clans can hold four characters, one of which may be reserved for the clan owner if they wish (for both bloodline and normal clans).
* Characters without a bloodline in a bloodline clan still count towards that clans total allowed amount.
* Clans cannot reside in multiple villages.
* All clans require RPM approval to be accepted.
* All bloodline clans require admin approval on their jutsu to be accepted.
* No single character clans are allowed at present, meaning no clans in which your character is the last surviving member or similar will be allowed. This may change in the future however as the rp expands.
* One member may only be the owner of two clans. Only one may be a bloodline limit clan.

Clan Registration Sheet

Clan Name:

Clan History: (Describe how the clan was formed and the current state of the clan)

Clan Village: (Indicate what village this clan resides in)

Clan Abilities: (Describe the abilities that make this clan special, particularly in the case of bloodline clans. Also put up a link to the clan jutsu)


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Clan Registration Sheet.
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